Stunted Thinking

Stunted Thinking

Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What’s better? list of those. Here’s a roundup of the rundowns out there.

Five More Bizarre Publicity Stunts in Gaming [Delta Gamer]Includes the WTFery THQ concocted for its marketing of Red Faction: Guerrilla (pictured above). By no means is this a comprehensive accounting, as an earlier list of five demonstrates. They could probably do another list of five, beginning with The Godfather II brass knuckles, Dante’s Inferno‘s /”Sin to Win” fiasco.

The 12 Most Annoying Non-Playable Characters in Video Games [Ranker]No. 1 isn’t who you think it is. That’s No. 2. No. 2 is in fact No. 10. No. 3 is No. 3. Clippy is not here because Microsoft Word is not a video game no matter how much they tried to make it one.

Top 10 Gaming Sidekicks [Megabits of Gaming]Somewhat in a similar vein, although this is more serious, and rather thoughtful in its praise. I thought Pigsy and Jan Ors were great honorable mention selections. Sully from Uncharted also is an HM, which some may quibble with. Garfunkel, Oates, Hutch, the Fatman, Mrs King and Lacey are not on this list.

The Seven Least Impressive Video Game Achievements [MTV]Sports video games should absolutely dominate this list. You pick up a trophy every time you create a character or start a franchise. NHL 2K7 gave you an achievement just for quitting.

Six Baffling Early Prototypes of Your favourite Video Games [Cracked]Cracked closes things out with yet another excellent list you should savour. Some of these are completely mindblowing, even if you already knew them. The top entry still blows my mind.


    • I’m only 19 and I know Jan Ors. She and Kyle Katarn were awesome. Mind you I am a Star Wars geek and was practically weaned on the stuff, so my knowledge may be an anomally.

      • All I’m saying is:

        Dark Forces HD for XBLA / PSN make it happen lucasarts.
        And then get on with my new TIE fighter game dammit!

  • I just played Condemned: Criminal Origins which has sat on my shelf collecting dust since the 360 launched. The awful achievements make me smile. I must’ve gotten about 17 achievements related to picking up dead birds. 😀

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