The First Episode Of The Walking Dead Is Currently Free On iOS

We're a little bit late to this, but thought it would be worth letting everyone know regardless — for a short unspecified time, the first episode of The Walking Dead is free on iOS.

All five episodes of The Walking Dead have now been released, and the game has shot to the top of many people's game of the year lists. If you haven't already, it's definitely worth checking out. Plus — it's free! Everyone loves free stuff, right?

We currently have no idea how long the first episode will remain free, so go go go!

Via Eurogamer


    Kotaku? Being late? WHY I NEVER

    Just curious if all the episodes are available now though.. that seems to be the biggest complaint on the AU iTunes store..

      Yep. I have them all on iPad, the 5th episode was available the day after the PC one was released.

    We’re a little bit late to this
    better late than never. i didn't know till just now.

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