This Is How You Play Heroes Of Ruin For The 3DS

There's not much incoming to the Nintendo 3DS that I'm truly excited about, but after watching more than six minutes of this developer walkthrough of Square Enix's Heroes of Ruin, the list might just get one title bigger.

Having not attended any of the big industry events this year due to a pair of tiny people that were hiding in my woman's uterus, I've not yet had the pleasure of seeing Heroes of Ruin in person. This lengthy developer walkthrough video is as close as I've come. It still gives off a bit of a generic vibe, but generic is just fine for an action RPG as long as it looks and plays well.


    Thank god... Another reason I'm not a complete and utter idiot for buying a 3DS.

      You did good. We did good.
      Just gotta make it 'till 2012.

    The overhead camera looks too close to the action to me... seems like you can't see enemies approaching you until they're just about on top of you, especially the larger enemies.

      That might be an issue but overall it looks like it might be fun.

      This is my main concern too. Especially playing as a ranged character, you'll have to be shooting as they enter your screen.

    Tell me more about these tiny people hiding in your wife's uterus.

      Yes are they dwarves of some kind? Hobbits perhaps?

    Looks like a worthy titles to the 3DS, having drop in drop out playability, dynamic dungeon system and very diabloesque leveling system, I can't wait!

    So looking forward to this game! Come on June 15th!

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