Time To Preload Rage On Steam

If you've preordered Rage, now is the time to start preloading id's next big game so you're ready to play on your PC come midnight Tuesday ET 9 (2pm AEDT).


    Not at $90 I'm not.
    I can get it for $38.99 from OzGameShop. Not paying the funtax is worth the wait.


    No for $90 I'm not, I'd rather give OzGameShop $38.99 and wait a little to skip the funtax.

    i thought it will unlock on Friday because steam store said it will unlock in 3 days and 2 hours.

    ozgameshop had the special anarchy edition for $39 when i preordered it. I can wait a week.

    I started Pre-loading on Sunday night. I left this morning and I'm at 57%... my connection peaks at 3 Mb/s but that's only if the swamp gases are aligned perfectly. It's apparently averaging at around 20 kb/s all day.

    I hate you Comcast. If my area had an alternative, know that I would switch in less than the time it takes for a human heart to accomplish one beat.


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