Video Of The New Xbox Dashboard Surfaces After Leak

A recent leak of the latest software development kit for Xbox 360 included the new Xbox Live dashboard, which rumour suggests will be released on November 15. This two-minute video [hit mute unless you want to hear some reggae]of the new dashboard provides a good look at how complete Kinect integration works.

The dashboard is in French but you can pick up the gist of what the panels deal with. A lot of this was covered back in June when Microsoft released a bunch of screens for the new dashboard. We just haven't seen it all in motion yet. The background also is a lot darker; not sure if that's a night/day kind of thing or something that was customised.

Xbox 360 dashboard 2.0.14448.0 XDK leaks [WinBeta]


    Looks as though they are trying to make it look like Windows 8.

      Yea I agree it does, I instantly thought zune and windows 8.

        Yeah, they're implementing the Metro Design into it, just like WP7, and Windows 8.

    I like how the video ends just as it seems the're having issues getting the button to work :P

    Ugh, I hate that you still can't remove things that you don't use from the menu that you don't want (eg videos, community)...

    Looks absolutely hideous, helped not at all by the Quick play button animation at 0:23. Even replacing the white squares with covers, it'd look awful.

    Xbox fan here, and I don't mind change (always liked the current interface over the blades), but this isn't at all aesthetically pleasing.

    --- I don't know why they can't let us keep the older UI's and have Xbox Live updates, if we could choose our favourites they'd get a lot less complaints.

      Because backwards comparability coding is time consuming and costs dollars.


    I read that Microsoft is trying to make all platforms run the same way/look the same.

    e.g. Windows 8 for PC, Phones and Xbox

    Let me turn off all of their marketing/advertising bullshit and they can do what they want with the rest!

    Pretty much what I expected... still not what I was hoping for though lol

    I just want kinect control over video playback with streams/USB. I likes me some kinect control.

    As some of you have said. . . yes, MS are implementing the Metro look and functionality across all platforms. PC, Tablets, Phones, Xbox. . . and they will all be synchronised and harmonious in teh cloud.

    ...and voice support for australians is coming...

    thats the shittiest UI thus far, way to go microsoft, be nice if you could actually customise it to your own needs.

    Wow that looks just plain awful. Please give me the option to keep the current one, it works fine

    Hate it.

    I miss that old dashboard. back when it was blades that you could customize and everything was quick an easy to get to.
    Ive used windows8 dev preview Ive had a look through the 7 phone. and I gotta say I dont like the metro style. I prefer menus, lists and swooshing sounds. but that is my opinion. and will be dismissed quite quickly and life will go on. also... Bing is that meaning Microsoft wish to break free from there closed network style and employ browsers that will possibly provide a threat. I know how paranoid that sounds but really I have been used to it for years and it helps me think the networks a bit more secure. or are we really that lazy to go to the a-z list to find a game title.

    Or am i really crazy and Im way to afraid of change

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