Well Whaddaya Know: MineCon Is Sold Out

Well Whaddaya Know: MineCon Is Sold Out

Part of me feels like I shouldn’t be surprised, but part of me is: There are no more tickets available for MineCon, the inaugural MineCraft convention to be held in 18 days in Las Vegas. When Notch first floated the idea of a con back in May, the response to it did not suggest such a strong response.

Lo and behold, momentum built for this. The day tickets went on sale, the rush to buy them jammed up the servers. organisers were able to swing a group rate deal on lodging at the Mandalay Bay, and that made it affordable enough that all the badges were gone three weeks before kickoff.

In addition to all of the panels, discussions, demonstrations, meet-n-greets and whatnot, MineCon attendees will get free codes for the alpha versions of Scrolls and Cobalt once the games are ready.


  • It’s cool to see smaller cons getting a good start, although I’m unsure how much longer Mojang can be considered “small” or “indie” with the sheer buckets of money they’re swimming in!

    Out of curiosity, do we have any idea how many tickets were sold total? ie: If it was a max of 100 and sold out, that’s not as impressive as 100,000 selling out.

  • I think I remember hearing that Notch was worried that they wouldn’t sell well at all. Great to see the interest.

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