While You Were Sleeping

Sometimes sleep can be important. Necessary, even. But what if stuff happens? Video game stuff? That's when we send out a small army of puppy dogs to gather the news that happened while you were sleeping and plonk the highlights right here. Plonk!

I was always sort of cynical about the who 'Nintendo is struggling thing'. My thoughts were that while Nintendo might not be making the incredible amounts of money it was a couple of years back, surely its still massively profitable. Turns out that might not be the case. According to this, Nintendo is leaking money, and this story shows it is no longer the top dog in Japan — this year.

Have you been waiting for Mirror's Edge cosplay? I'm guessing no, but this is pretty awesome. Most likely you've already decided whether or not you're going to buy Battlefield 3, but just in case...

Oh, and I reckon you should check out PixelJunk Shooter.

In Short Is This The Mirror's Edge Cosplay You've Been Waiting For? Report: Nintendo Bleeding Cash PixelJunk Sidescroller Is The 26th Century Arcade Game You've Been Waiting For Should You Buy Battlefield 3? Yes Nintendo Defeated — Japan Crowns A New Game Sales King


    Is that dog winking!?!?!?

    Blind Mown

    Hey, SUPER-NERD Mark. Any chance of a link to le performance on le Today le Tonight?

      Also, being a super nerd, what sort of super powers do you have?


    You know what that dogs sayin?

    "How you doin'?"

    That's what he's saying.

    BEST - PIC - YET!

    the dogs like...

    "naaa, im awake... honest..." *head begins to dip*

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