An Annotated Map Of Skyrim Big Enough To Put On Your Wall

To celebrate the launch of a new Skyrim-themed section -- and to get you to come check it out -- Game Banshee has built a nice-looking annotated map of the northern kingdom. There's even a version at resolution high enough to be suitable for printing on your wall. There are light spoilers if names and locations are something about which you worry. (But you probably shouldn't.)

Now to find a printing place that will print on cloth. (Maybe these folks?)

Map of Skyrim []


    now to get this image on the ipad and im all set to continue ignoring the main quest ^_^

    I've been looking for a map like this. I find the game most fun to play when not using quest tracking or using the in game map. Only navigating based on the cloth map. It is however extremely hard without all the caves and locations.

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