Aussie Nintendo Store -- It's Metroid

So Nintendo's finally gotten through most of its early generation Game Boy games now. Most of the colourful fluff of launch games are gone; here comes the good stuff. The first of hopefully a trend of change is a Metroid title. About time, right? There's also some 'fun' on WiiWare if you're keen, but I imagine you'll be playing something else this week right?

3DS Virtual Console Metroid II: Return of Samus (Game Boy, Nintendo, $6.00) - Perhaps it's not the best Metroid game ever but it's certainly not the worst. In 1991 Nintendo did its best to bring Samus Aran to the Game Boy and they mostly pulled it off. For $6.00 it might be worth a stab in the dark.

WiiWare Big Town Shoot Out (PDP, 500 Points) - I'm going to pull in the power here of Serrels' “This Week In...” articles for this one and just say, should you care? No.

So this week you're probably not paying attention to the releases on the eShop. With Mario and Zelda out and consuming your time I doubt you'll even boot up the old eShop. Speaking of which, I should be playing them…


    Working on my yearly FFVII playthrough on my PSP and more God Eater Burst. Plus Orcs Must Die, after picking it up for $3.74 yesterday!

      And I thought this was a 'What are you playing this weekend?'
      It's Friday afternoon. Gimme a break!

    Bought Metroid this morning, been playing all day. Love it! It was always a game boy favourite.

    Hopefully we'll get those free GBA games soon, thought we're gonna have them by the end of the year but that's looking more unlikely by the minute.

    Sooooo... If Metroid II isn't the worst game in the series, what would you consider the worst? Although "worst" seems like too strong a word, I would definitely say that Return of Samus is the "weakest" entry in the series, apart from the fact that it had some definite gameplay improvements over the first game.

      There seems to be a general attitude of scorn towards Other M, so that's probably what he had in mind as the worst when he wrote that.

      Really? For me, Metroid 2 is one of the best.

        Agreed, Metroid 2 is one of the best. I'd say the weakest link is Other M, but it still had some pretty cool gameplay. The story was a bit crap and that was it's main flaw, but the Metroid series is one of the most consitent in history. Goddamn Ninty, hurry up with a new 2D Metroid for the 3DS, please?

          Erm, I think you mean side-scrolling Metroid....

            Only counting the sidescrollers I think Metroid 2 is the best of the lot. I found the metroid battles far more intense and the platforming far more challenging not to mention the awesome soundtrack.

            Yeah I did. I'm just not thinking right today. I do have to say though, I'd prefer a first-person metroid on the wii-u. As for the side-scrollers, it's a fierce fight between Metroid 2 and Super Metroid, I have such fond memories of those two. Metroid 2 had the fierceness and very challenging gameplay while Super Metroid had the elegance and grace of a masterpiece. I just can't pick between those two...

    Would be even better at compartive US prices

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