Battlefield 3 Development Started On PC, But Switched To Consoles

Battlefield 3 Development Started On PC, But Switched To Consoles

Despite a launch that’s seen 5 million shipped in its first week, Battlefield 3‘s debut has not been without issues. Most of the praise has come for the PC version of the game and the assumption’s been that that where the main development of the military FPS happened, with that code ported over to the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. But, via Computer and Video Games, an interview with DICE exec Karl-Magnus Troedsson reveals that, while things started that way, the focus shifted later in development. CVG has him saying:

“We said originally that the PC was the lead SKU of the game, but in mid-production we switched to console as lead platform to make sure we could get all the versions done for release”

This shift of lead development platforms might explain why our own Brian Crecente had such differing experiences with BF3 on PC and Xbox 360.

Battlefield 3 lead platform ‘switched to consoles’ mid-development [CVG]


  • The reference to the Crecente article is a furphy. He was more accurate on PC because he had a mouse. Nothing to do with “lead platform”. Link farming much, KotakUS?

  • Wow. What a surprise….I am totally sincere about my surprise.

    It does explain a little of why it’s a jumbled mess of a game. But there’s far more that went wrong that hasn’t been explained yet.

  • Umm.. PC version is fantastic! Some server drops and sqaud issues but nothing too game breaking! I don’t care what lead platform was I’m having fun!

    • +1

      Dont really care what was the lead platform for development. Overall a game thats well done (IMHO) and for the most part reasonably balanced (mp)

      There are a couple of little issues that will be ironed out in the next patch.
      So what if its been developed for console> Yes its a tiny few hints of consolitis. (Deploy menu anyone?) But it looks its best on PC. It plays well, so why should it matter?

    • I agree.
      I’ve blue-screened 4-5 times but that’s after 10+ hours of play, disconnected maybe 2-3 times but the game is fantastic!

      It’s so well polished and they’ve really listened to their fans, I haven’t seen a dev do this much awesomeness since Valve.

      I have no idea how MW3 will compete (I’ll still buy it though), even with those problems I mentioned it’s still a MUCH cleaner experience compared to the launch of CoD BO & MW2.

  • That’s a bit dodgy how they told us PC was the lead platform only to reveal their true colours AFTER the release date. Any companies/developers/publishers left who won’t feed their PC users bullshit?

    • Developers at the end of the day work for a living.

      So, contrary to your strongly held fantasy, developers and not feeding anyone ‘s’. They are just acting like any other corporation – make the income offset the expenses.

      If you choose to stick with personal computers (be it a roll your own or a Mac), that is your choice. PC gaming is just one of many platforms and is not that mythical king of platforms.

      If a game stinks on one platform, it is going to stink on other platforms because the design at a games core is not dependent on a given platform.

      • Even though I don’t care about what was the lead platform, Shane is right to feel a little jaded.

        You have to agree that when the company maintained that it was built as a PC game, a portion of the PC gaming community would have been swayed by that and purchased the game….you and I may not have been convinced that way but im sure many were. So in essence the developers lied to get more sales.

  • I knew this was the case, it just felt like a B you know. In all fairness, I can understand them making that decision to finish off their console versions of the game. But since when haven’t PC gamers had to wait for a console port.
    There is some horrible netcode going on with the game where I feel as if the bullets have rubber banding around corners. I don’t know if I have consoles to thank for this or if their code is just rubbish and unoptimized at this stage. Bring on some updates already.

    • I’m ok with waiting to have all versions ready for release at the same time. I don’t really care to be totally honest – I own a PS3, Xbox and PC. I’d rather the products be ready and not be buggy. You’d also hope that optimisations done on the PS3/Xbox would filter on to the PC for people with older hardware reducing the overall minimum system requirements.

      I also don’t suspect netcode or server code has much to do with what platform it’s on. It would more likely be engine development and overall game design (dynamics, AI etc) which would be ported and then dialed down for the console versions. Then again this is not really my area of expertise, I’m only speculating.

  • Actually kind of makes sense. Build the engine to run on PC at high res. rework it onto consoles. Make sure the game works on consoles (the bottom rung) and then port to PC and let the beauty come out.

    I’m playing this on 360 and I have some serious PC envy right now. The more I play the more I see areas where this game is just plain better on PC.

  • Sigh. I just wish game development could afford to hire enough manpower to make ALL platform a lead platform, in regards to the quality that the end-user should experience.

  • It was pretty obvious when flying the vehicles and using eod bot etc on pc, the driving is just not suited for pc, it FEELS like you actually need a controller

  • Could this be the reason to why the deploy screen and some interfaces feel like they are optimised for a controller? Because that has been my MAIN COMPLAINT when I’m in Multiplayer. It’s so terrible trying to customise your weapon, and I seriously did think it was a port from consoles.

    If that interface wasn’t ported, how the hell did they not think of a better interface.

    Also, the campaign had a “PRESS ENTER TO START” screen.

  • And this is shocking why? In other news Development started on a calculator and whiteboard adobe photoshop disappointed…

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