Brendan Brewer Strikes Back

Brendan Brewer Strikes Back

Video game store clerks — meet your match in this week’s Brendan Brewer: Video Game Reviewer.

Cameron Davis also does a comic called Blow The Cartridge – Suggest an old game, and he will make a comic about it!


  • Whenever I see someone buying a bad game, I want to tell them it’s bad… but I don’t want to be that guy. So, I keep my mouth shut.

    It’s so hard sometimes.

    • I used to work/manage a video game store….I used to tell people games were terrible all the time when they wanted to buy them ; D

  • There should so be a guy who goes around and does this. I was there when my ex girlfriends little brother bought Pimp my Ride for Xbox 360 once. The clerk told him 3 times that it’s actually a really terrible game but he didn’t listen.

    3 days later he wanted to go back and return it. xD

  • As a game store clerk myself I can honestly say that this happens quite allot, but it’s mainly neck beards who snort at girls buying games for boyfriends and such. They are inaudible, gross and just walk away thinking they made a positive impact on some girls life. it’s like watching a slow motion car crash.

  • I only step in when it’s obvious a sales clerk is trying to get some poor mom/grandma to buy her 4 year old something absurd, like a gears of war/halo 360 bundle with a ton of accesssories because ‘they’re required’…

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