Call Of Duty Elite -- Why You No Spell Australia Correctly?

Look, I'm not judging — I'm hardly a stranger to typos myself — but when Peter turned on his PS3 last Thursday night and tried to register for Call of Duty Elite, he noticed that the spelling of Australia was a little bit... off.

Most likely it's been fixed now, but it's testament to the power of human error that a sign up form, which most likely had dozens upon dozens of eyes cast over it, still managed to get through with such a blatant typo.

Activision — we feel you're pane!

Thanks Peter!


    I don't feel Activisions pain, I still have a soul.

    I just love how its in Alphabetical order besides "United States of America"


      Don't you know, USA always come before A! And it's always No.1. No matter what No.1 actually was!

        Some people on this site are stupid, America is their main customers of course it will be on the top.

          I think everyone understands this but it does stand out when the rest are not ranked in the same manner.

          Isn't Canada on top?

          Most lists are actually alphabetical but automatically default to the United States for this reason. This is the lazy way of doing that.


    Anybody looked at the title screen of Uncharted 3? "Developer by Naughty Dog" indeed.

    This call of duty proofreading job was probably outsourced to those useless kotaku US monkeys. It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times!

    can anyone confirm if its still like that?


    Is there a way just to view the US version of kotaku in australia?

      Top right corner, next to the sears is the Austrialian flag. Click it and then select the American flag.

        Sorry, that's supposed to read 'Top right corner, next to the search...'.

      Is there a way to view Hyperactive 3.0

      Intervention time - you obviously need some serious help.

    Call Of Doody Elite

    There is a typo in this article about a typo!
    "which most LIKE had dozens upon dozens of eyes cast over it"

      One thing about Macgruber...

    Austrialians all let us rejoice... XD

    Hey I still can't even log into Elite. I've tried every day since release with no joy. Just another reason to stick to BF3 I suppose.

    Kotaku. Why You No Report Important News?

    At least the S is in Australia. Grab brotherhood of the wolf bluray and were call Autralia

    I want to show the people of Kotaku AUS something. Remove the last the letters from the misspelling and what do you get? Austria. Austria-lia and Australia, totally the same thing, right guys?

    Because they dont care. As evidenced by the their pricing structure.

    Yeah i noticed too that they just crtl+c Austria and added "lia" on the end. Had a good chuckle when I was signing up for my founder account.

    In unrelated "news" my local JB has a review on Assassins Creed stating "If mickey mouse is your favourite Disney Character, you will LOVE this game" lol!

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