Dear EA, Star Wars Fans Have Very Serious Questions

This fan took to a Star Wars: The Old Republic questionnaire with a mission: rant about the company's digital rights management policy.

One look at the company's friendly customer service droid, though, and questions give way to...questions.

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be out on PC next month.

Many are excited for Star Wars: TOR, but this is ridiculous. [Reddit]


    Cannot Unsee


    We now know Luke Plunkett likes robot penis.

    I love how when I go to Kotaku I can see all the shit that people post on reddit.

      It's great 'cause I have too much sites to check out already that Joystiq and Reddit need not apply.

    This is journalism?

      Hard hitting journa-

      I'm gonna stop right there.

        They get to the bottom of things... after they finish elsewhere...

        *hangs head in shame* Sorry

      Nah, this is combing Reddit for funnies and reposting it


    I came here to read journalism, but now I have a new question. Does this actually classify in your views as an article?

    Please get Twitter. Please. And post there instead.

    Perhaps you should start your own gaming publication, Toasty Fresh. And only post really boring, serious articles. That way you can stop being a whining little bitch here. :)

      I believe he has started his own website.

      For one, whinging is the purest form of criticism. So I'll do it whenever, wherever I feel it is necessary.

      Secondly, if you're going to insult me please do not finish it with a smiley. It's such a conceited thing to do.

    I'm actually going to come to Mr Plunketts defense here. This isn't really any different to the 'oddspot' that you see in a newspaper. It's a brief article meant to get a chuckle.

    I know right! An article about games that tries to have *gasp* fun.

    If you aren't into it there are other articles to read, or you can take yourself to another site that only deals with srs bsns.

      This is one time I think I'll have to agree. A "Silly Shit" tag or something like that wouldn't go amiss though.

      The point most people are trying to make is that he just took it off reddit gaming...

        Actually most seem to be complaining about this being 'bad journalism', but I don't care. And not everyone goes to Reddit, there's nothing wrong with them reposting gold found elsewhere. Should we complain that Kotaku posts videos that could be found on Dorkly?

    Typical Star Wars fans, into robot dicks cuz they can't get any real life women.

    This isn't the penis you're looking for.

    I look at Kotaku, I don't look at Reddit, or Joystig, or twitter. I'm very happy for them to re-post.
    Would be nice to have a credit to the original though.

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