DICE Staff Lose Their Dogtags On Battlefield 3 — Multiple Times!

DICE Staff Lose Their Dogtags On Battlefield 3 — Multiple Times!

When joining in a set of community games between DICE staff and fans of Battlefield 3, EvilViking had a plan — that plan was to stalk every member of DICE and collect their dogtags. What followed was a knife fest of John Rambo proportions. Well made little video too.

Thanks Gavin!


  • My biggest beef with the knife system is the fact that there is no blood. At all.

    Its god-damned satisfying to stalk up behind a mortar/sniper/enemy squad and proceed to cut throats like Rugs-A-Million Cut’s prices, but how much more satisfying would it be if everytime you did it, you copped a face full of blood?

    • Bryce, you make a fair, if not creepy point. One of the things that surprised me about bf3, since ending my battlefield experience with 2, is the frequent blood splatters that occur. A little blood would be appropriate… OR for the bryces of this world maybe a gushing arterial spray that blinds you a few seconds. :p

        • Alright so re-reading what I’d said does sound a ton creepier then I originally intended it to be (Go figure), but the point still stands…

          For a game to really push you on the realism, from the sound, the way the guns feel, etc etc, it just feels like such an odd thing to be left out.

    • What I find weird is how infantry can stay intact after getting hit by tank shells. or any explosives for that matter.

      • I have hit a body flying upwards from an explosion, with an attack helicopter, well over 50m up. Big explosion too that flung it up, all ragdoll like. Very surreal, but you do wonder whether a human body would not tear apart with those kind of forces (including the hit + run in mid air)

  • LOL i like part with copter in Damavand peak tunnel i love soing this all james bond like. Funly enough i find the littlebird easier to get though the tunnel then the ruskie copter

  • Yay! You’re welcome!
    There’s also a nice link from the vid on YouTube to the twitter accounts of the dev team, and there they post when/where they might be online too, if you fancy the same. However I suppose they’re all over the high ping side of the globe…

  • Why are the people around the knifed victim so daft?

    Also, it looks like EA get to have Platoon tags without the brackets. I’m surprised they don’t have names with spaces in them too.

  • Those little knife bugs like the one towards the end there really annoy me. I was standing on a staircase along with the enemy, pressed the button and all my character did was take a swipe. I was quickly killed.

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