Dizzy Is Coming Back And I'm So Very Egg-cited!

While Dizzy wasn't exactly mega popular here in Australia, as a kid growing up in the UK he was as important to me as Mario or Sonic. Now Codemasters has announced that it's bringing back the most egg-cellent egg in all of gaming. How egg-citing.

Dizzy was a character at the forefront of Codemasters early blitz on the Spectrum budget market, during the 80s in the UK. Dizzy, Treasure Island Dizzy, Fantasy World Dizzy, Magicland Dizzy — they were platforming/adventure games cheaply and quickly produced. They were also amazing.

We'll be extremely interesting to see exactly how Codemasters approach this reboot — XBLA/PSN? That would be our bet. A gorgeously rendered 2D version of the game with puzzles ala Limbo or Braid is the direction I'd personally like to see this franchise head towards.

I genuinely can't wait to see where Codemasters go with this.


    Somewhere in Brisbane a fedora wearing Brit is orgasming double as hard

    I wager that Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw will be excited about this news

    . . . damn I'm too late for the Yahtzee hiveminds. . .

    Hoping this is not a free-to-play browser game powered by micro-transactions like all other reboots seem to be.

    As a fellow pom in the land of Melbourne, I give this an "Eggs"uberant thumbs up!

    I read this whilst munching on an omelette :)

    W00t. Loved Magicland Dizzy on my old Atari ST.

    Coming from the UK I grew up with the good ol Amiga and Treasure Island Dizzy is a game I have particularly fond memories of! Definately looking forward to seeing what Codemasters do with this reboot.


      we cant help getting eggs-cited!

        You'd think people would be egg-specting puns like this

    I never actually played any of the Dizzy games, but was more than aware of him courtesy of video game mags all being from the UK when I was a young fella. That being said, I can't see Dizzy being relevant today.

    All I have to say is *ahem*


    Curious... is Dizzy actually dizzie before or or after being scrambled...

    Odd that 'Fantastic Dizzy' wasn't mentioned here.
    Played tons of that on the old Mega Drive... even got a ROM on a Mega Drive emulator on my phone. :D

    I had a bunch of these games on my ol' C64... I'm not sure how they can bring it back to the modern era as a lot of genre's seem to be dead in favour of FPS or 3rd person Shooter or Action game, Oh and racing.

    Treasure Island Dizzy! Best games on my Amstrad

    I used to play Fantastic Dizzy so much when I was a kid on my cousin's Mega Drive, wasn't until a few years ago that I went back and finished, those games could be hard. I am very excited.

    Codemasters still exist?

    the last codemasters game i played was Shane Warne Cricket 99....

    Cue memories of imported UK game mags from the early 90s

    Amiga Power
    CU Amiga
    Some pom game reviewer with a mohawk named Stuart

    i still have my copy of Fantastic Dizzy on mega drive and it scratch card that tells you how to complete some of the objectives.

    still have to complete the game one day

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