Downloadable Content: The Game

Lots of games have downloadable content. In fact, DLC is becoming something of a point of contention between players and publishers. Indie game developer Ben Kane (who despite his moniker is not actually a comic book supervillain) has launched a game that doesn't just celebrate DLC, it bases its entire design around it.

Called DLC Quest, it's a satirical 2D platformer that imagines a world gone mad... for DLC! The game was created by Kane's own Going Loud Studios, and it's their third release on Xbox 360 after Zombie Accountant and Lair of the Evildoer.

In DLC Quest, players collect coins, which they spend on in-game DLC that allows them to do things like "move left" and "pause the game" and "have animation". And yes, there's horse armour. It's funny stuff and the only think I can imagine that would be more annoying than an actual game built around DLC is if the latest novels had the same sorts of problems.

I asked Kane if he was planning to release DLC for DLC Quest. "Absolutely", he told me. "But it will be a timed exclusive for those who pre-ordered and drink RC Cola." Heh. (Kane told me in all seriousness that he is planning additional content, but due to the way Xbox's Indie Market works, he actually has to release new content for free. Sweet irony!)

DLC Quest is available for 80MSP ($US1) in the Xbox Live Indie Market. Come for the satire, stay for the cheevos! Next thing you know, we'll have a Cow Clicker situation on our hands.


    Does anyone know if this is available on the AU market?
    I can't seem to find it :/

    Not available in Australia, surprise! (not really but anyway..).


    another reason i wish aussies had the indie marketplace :(

    Since we can't play this, have some other games with a similar theme.

    Hah! Purchase DLC to move left. I laughed.

    Sheer brilliance to make collecting coins the way to purchase game features. Wish I could buy this game on Steam.

    Ugh, the voice over for the video made me want to punch a kitten

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