Here's The Most Evil DLC -- DLC The Game

The implied social contract of paid, planned and premium downloadable content is, "don't want it? Don't buy it."

OK, well, what if the game itself is buying planned premium downloadable content? Mega64's latest satire gets a 5/5 on the evil scale from me.


    reminds me of 'Upgrade Complete' where you have to buy every aspect of the game i.e. preloader, menu buttons, save system.

    talk about OLDDDDDDDDDD, nice one on catching up with the times.

      I hadn't seen it either, who cares if its a little bit old, some people don't see this stuff when it first comes out

      Pretty sure that clip only came out the other day.

        On youtube yes but the video itself was posted on Mega64 last year sometime.

    Seriously, fuck DLC. There are a handful of worthwhile ones (the extra episodes for Fallout 3/New Vegas and some of the borderlands ones spring to mind) but when 99% of it is $10 costumes and content is already on the fucking disk and just needs a key to unlock, it really get on my nerves.

    The problem is people keep fucking buying it so it'll never change. $15 for 3 Call of Duty maps? HERP DERP WHERE DO I PUT MY CREDIT CARD INFO?

    Crysis 2 pre-planned dlc pack one, was so horribly fail. The game would have been much better if they had just included it rather than taking content out to sell for $10.

    i only purchased DLC once and that was by accident

    Deus Ex removed a whole level to later sell as DLC.
    Civ V released DLC before the game was even patched to a playable state, and before they had added all of the multiplayer modes that were meant to be in the game from release..

      Did they actually cover how Adam woke up in the shipping container post-dlc perfectly fine and didn't mention or even hint at the events of the DLC to Pritchard?

    FFS I hate DLC. Just bought Anno 2070 and found out there is DLC. Who in their right mind would fork out $90 (new on Steam I think is was) for a game and pay extra.

    Personally I have bought a few DLC items only because the games were fairly cheap ($15) and IMO they were worth more. But there is a limit to how much I buy.

    For me it ruins the game: If you don't have the DLC it feels incomplete; however I'd only pay for BF3 maps (depending on price) since I love the game.

    I don't mind DLC....when it's worth it.

    For instance, I played the hell out of MW2 and Black Ops but never invested a cent on their map packs because it's a clear ripoff. But games like FEAR, Doom3 or Fallout New Vegas? Hell yeah I got the DLC! Why? You can see the effort put in. It feels like playing a whole new game.

    Then you have games like Dirt 3 where I can't get my gold mark because of fricking DLC tracks being in every Cup!

    I think with DLC, It's fine if the developers put actual post-game effort to create something worth the cost that expands the game. I really dislike it when DLC is preplanned as a moneymaking gimmick where they withhold things they could have placed into the game in development. Arkham City was a great game, but I was ridiculously peeved at just how many DLCs were required to unlock characters/skins/etc especially restricted to challenge maps and such.

      Pretend that came with paragraphing LOL, clicked submit as I realized

    Worst. Video. Ever.

    I recently decided to get all that shiny DLC for Mass Effect 2 in preparation for Mass Effect 3 and it ended up costing me more for the DLC than it did for the game itself through Steam.

    Whats worse, is the events right away in Mass Effect 3 mention incidents that occurred during the DLC. Had I not played the DLC I would have never known what was going on.

    The DLC was fun, but not worth the money for only a few hours of extra gameplay

    ladies and gentleman, i present to you, the future of gaming. isn't that right ACTIVISION!!

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