Gametraders Is Selling Copies Of Super Mario 3D Land Early

Gametraders Is Selling Copies Of Super Mario 3D Land Early

In a move that echoes the strange Ocarina of Time 3D street break, we’ve just confirmed that some Gametraders stores are selling grey imported copies of Super Mario 3D Land almost a week ahead of its official release date of November 24.

GameTraders in Pakenham informed us that they only had one copy of the game left, but were happy to sell, and another store informed us they were waiting for permission before selling, but we’ve heard multiple reports of Super Mario 3D Land being sold across the country.

This mirrors the strange situation that disrupted the official launch of Ocarina of Time 3D earlier this year. With the Australian release date being significantly behind other territories, this gives a small specialist retailer the opportunity to grey import copies of the game and sell before the bigger stores, who have to maintain a working relationship with local distributors. Earlier this year this led to a difficult situation where Nintendo allowed EB, GAME and JB Hifi to sell copies of Ocarina of Time 3D before its official date, without advertising that the game was for sale.

To an extent is seems as though Nintendo Australia has learned the lessons of that strange incident, with Skyward Sword’s release being closer to the US date, and Mario Kart 7 actually being released at the same time (and in some cases earlier). Super Mario 3D Land’s date, however, lagged somewhat behind other territories, and this is the end result.

We’re not sure whether EB, GAME and JB Hifi will be given permission to sell ahead of the game’s official release next Thursday — our guess is probably not, but we’ll let you know immediately if that changes.


    • Yeah, we share a region with Europe. I usually buy most my games from OGS but Nintendo’s price gouging isn’t a severe as some of the other companies so it doesn’t make that much difference price wise. Well unless you buy from EB games that is.

  • Which version are they selling? Selling the US version here would be pretty stupid.. and the EU version isn’t supposed to be out til the 18th.

    • Which is today… meaning that with a bit of extra outlay, it probably wouldnt have been hard to get the shipment by today.

  • Just a minor correction:
    … where Nintendo allowed EB, GAME and JB Hifi to sell copies …

    I think you accidentally a word. Possibly “started”.

  • Nintendo deserve this.

    i’m sure someone will come in saying street date breaks are bad as usual.

    But the fact is that this is completely different to the break on skyrim.

    It’s not a retailer got stock from the publisher early and decided to sell it before other’s had a chance.

    They invested money in sourcing it from oversea’s in order to sell it in line with other region’s(which they could claim the fact that the EU get’s it a week earlier gives a huge advantage to the online retailers who will ship it to australia in the time for less than the retail price in Australia.

    Sadly this delay is probably all still left over from the fact that it was someone from Australia who leaked New Super Mario Bros. Wii because it was out here earlier

  • How funny would it be if Customs seize all copies as they are European rated headed for retail sale in Australia XD

  • I encourage retailers to bypass the local distributor and in turn lowering the ridiculous prices we have here, I might actually buy a game in Australia again if that was the case.
    (Also steam prices are so shit now, is anyone even bothering with them any more? i only buy Indie games from them… or the (now very rare) price matched game, thankfully green man gaming has awesome prices)

    My copy is on its way from the UK, along with Skyward Sword.. and Mario Kart when it releases. I don’t care about waiting for it to arrive, if I’m saving so much.

      • Rip off Publishers are:Activision, EA, 2K Games, Bethesda, Epic Games, THQ, iD Software, Rockstar Games, SEGA, Ubisoft, Warner Bros.

        All of them have at least 1 game at a rip off price. Most commonly their most recent release.

        It doesn’t leave much left over, basically only Indie and Valve games.

    • the only argument against your argument is that no doubt gametraders is selling at a rather high price, probably higher than the local RRP

      because they got it early.

      • the RRP of Mario 3ds is $69.95, the reason stores sell lower is because of the majors selling at low prices. for example MW3 rrp is in fact $119 but no store is stupid enough to try for it except EB who had to drop it after day 2 of its release, but thats because they needed to hold their price cause their pre order customers paid 119 to get a ‘free’ 4 pack of V. if Gametraders sells at retail price now its because no one else has it, that is the only reason

        • You know Nintendo wonder why the 3DS is having problems or why the R4 took off – maybe because they price their games so highly – not just 3DS either – DS games have had these ridiculous prices for ages – IMO $40 is the upper limit on what a DS game should cost, maybe $50 if it’s new and special (like Mario)

  • Well that’s what Nintendo gets for not putting the game out for the whole world at once and realy a good thing for the true Aussie game store not these damn corporations screw EB,JBs,GAME they don’t care about there customers only the money in the pocket at the end of the day!! Bring Back The True Aussie Game Stores!!

  • I work for Gametraders and yes we are selling it with a free key ring at its RRP. But in doing this we will be the ones who get bitten long term if street dates are removed altogether, us small retails will be smashed by the fast shipping majors. But what do i know, only 9 years in games retail for both eb and gametraders.

  • What they’re doing is perfectly legal. Annoying for Nintendo and other retailers, but perfectly legal.

    GameTraders are exploiting overseas markets. It’s kinda similar to when I went to America earlier this year. Decided to go to the cinema to see Cars 2. Now, when I came back (to the UK) it wasn’t out for another few weeks.

    What if, simply because I come from another country, I wasn’t allowed to see it in America? Because I wasn’t “supposed” to see it yet and because the UK film industry wanted me to spend my money with them, not the US film industry (after all, when we’ve got prices that are approaching £10 a ticket).

    Of course I understand that the publishers hate broken release dates, partly because they’ve got to plan the release and these can frequently ruin them. To that, I say – make sure it’s a thing of the past. You can tell they’re not working when having to wait a single week results in this sort of thing. Nintendo need to get rid of this sort of thing and have worldwide releases in the same week (as different territories like to release games on different days of the week).

    As for region protection – I’d love for it to go. It’s my main reason for not getting a 3DS yet. But then local costs would mount up as everyone would just import the American version (especially here in the UK where we’ve got huge shipping costs, VAT etc.).

    One last thing – which version of Mario 3DS is it? I’d assume the EU version, but it that even out yet?

  • this seriously has to stop. its pretty obvious that game traders must be shitting themselves when it comes to australian retailer competition so they have to import and sell early. won’t be long until game traders is gone. (thank god) the joondalup store in WA just closed down.

  • Game Traders are simply doing what they need to do to compete and stay alive. As for the staff member that commented about being bitten in the long run, well you’ve broken the local publishers street date so wear the consequences.

  • I’d rather give my money to GameTraders (I picked up my Mario pre-order, which by the way they price matched with GAME’s $58 pre-order pricing), rather than EB/GAME. I won’t shop at EB/GAME unless a game is on sale or until game prices in general are pushed down to reasonable prices.
    This $99+ pricing for most games is simply ridiculous and has gone on for far too long.
    Also GameTraders has been great in taking my really old games for trade in (it’s how I got my 3DS) – neither EB or GAME will do this.
    So I hope they stay on for a long time.

  • Breaking street date is going to happen more and more, especially around the busy season, due to the cut throat industry. Yes they may get fines, but if the sales they are going to make, out way the fines, then it is justified to the companies. Stores like EB and Game need to be very careful, as they are over jacking the prices, beyond what people consider affordable. Stores like Big W come in, sell games for what EB tells me is “under cost” and win the sale. EB in particular need to have a look in the mirror and work out what they want to do, because they will loose a lot of sales if they don’t price match. I mean honestly, who is going to buy a game from EB for $109 (BF 3) when Big W has it for $68-$88(depending on when you buy it) and EB will no longer price match?

  • I’d like to point out that the distributers/publishers set the RRP, not the retailers. EB/Game price their product at the RRP because that’s just how they price their product. As for price matching….well when has it ever made good business sense to sell a product for less than what you paid for it? And that doesn’t go for games, that’s just business in general.

    You’ll see a lower RRP for games and consoles in Australian retail stores when the publishers and distributers are ready to come to the party and say ‘hey, maybe we do charge just a little too much for all of our stuff.”

  • I agree with Snoppy.

    Its the publishers/distributors that need to make the change, and I think the retailers are the ones that can push back.
    I think its quite rich of EB to mount a campaign against Res Evil 3DS because of its no delete save game “feature” (and I reckon that was mainly because EB wouldn’t be able to sell trade ins), yet they can’t be bothered with a campaign to bring prices down in Australia.

  • The distributers have everyone by the balls really. Crude way to put it, but it’s true. If you don’t work with the publishers/distributers you kill any chance of securing collector editions, decent preorder bonuses or a decent level of stock to begin with. Go against them and grey import EU stock of Game X, they may very well turn around and say ‘you no longer have an account with Nintendo Australia. Good bye.” This really just applies to the specialists like EB,Game maybe JB to an extent, but there’s a fine line for the retailers to walk in terms of maintaining a good relationship with their suppliers and wanting to support consumers with things like wanting to lower the RRP.

  • one example ” EB Games selling Dead Island a day early. The game’s official release date is September 9, but a number of posts have gone up on EB’s Facebook page from people who have seen the game on sale today.

    Have you seen Dead Island on sale at a retailer near you? Did you pick up a copy today? Let us know!”

    Different tune there, so once again guys.. why the double standards?!

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