Get Unlimited Gold In Skyrim. Easy!

A glitch in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim apparently allows players to earn unlimited gold by picking up copies of The Doors of Oblivion over and over and over again.

The book is worth 50 Gold, so by picking up copies of the book over and over again, you have a seemingly endless supply of money that is dependent largely on how long you want to pick up the book from a skeleton.

The skeleton might disappear, but, if you remember where it was, you can still pick up the book.

This glitch apparently has not yet been patched, and Kotaku, who hasn't had a chance to confirm, is following up with Bethesda.

The above walkthrough was done by YouTube user MalavarTCOne. There is a more in depth walkthrough by YouTube user Motherofgod4 in the above gallery.


    Or you could not cheat...

    The only use for money in the game is buying soul gems and ingots/ore to raise enchanting and smithing respectively.

    Oh yeah, and buying a house.

      People actually buy Soul Gems?
      My bag is overflowing with a variety of Soul Gems from Petty to Grand, not to mention Azura's Star replaces the need to buy any at all (unless you really care about time efficiency).

        two axes & a bow of absorption eat through them. Must look for Asuras star.

      Ok's. Easier to duplicate daedric armor on the manniquin glitch and sell at theives guild cause she has 4000 coin every 48 hours. You can make about 50000 coin in less than an hour. Forget the books they are a joke

        How does that 'mannequin' glitch work? I'm very curious... (:

    It's not hard to make money in this game legitimately, and it's not like you need a lot of it.

    When you cheat in a single player game, the only person you are cheating is yourself, out of additional hours of play and enjoyment.

    why would you cheat yourself out of gameplay?

    besides, I am swimming in gold. I just pick up everything and sell it off, Magic robes and necklaces are gold mines since they have low weight and sell between 60-500 coins.

    I own a place in white run and still have 8k some 27 hours in. Just pick up everything as you go, pretty simple. There is 5 gold coins in everything, and basically never buy any armor, weapons or potions anymore since spending 250 coins on one of those iron thorn helmets for only 2 seconds later pick up enough and find out that they are around every corner. Also I am not stealing anything either, I didn't want to completely break challenge like in fallout by stealing everything I needed and hoarding money and quickly buying top gear, but yea there is no reason to cheat in Skyrim.

      Lol with out cheats you kill dragons and get like 2k per dragon I have something like 200k in gold :D

    Ah, the first infinite gold glitch and it involves an item with the same name as a game famous for dup glitches. This is epic xD

    I don't condone cheating, but have they not heard of a game trainers?
    Is this really newsworthy?

    Technically everything belongs to you in Skyrim in accordance to the unwritten laws of 'main character buff'. It's just when and how you redeem what is rightfully yours.

    Or you could just open the console and type in the add money command...


    So you're going to make money by riding to the middle of buttfluff nowhere and duplicating a book that has a miniscule maximum value yet still weighs 1 kg.

    Good luck with that.

      Pick up a million, fast travel somewhere. Then crawl to a shop that only has 1k gold. Then repeat at other stores.

        You cannot fast travel when you go over your carry limit.

          You can fast travel when ever u want if ur on horse back

      yeh I tried this and it suck big time and then you have to wait about 2-3 days for a merchant to get more gold.. all i did was do a glitch that gives me heath potions that give me like 78billion health and worth billions, same with poisons and i got swords that do like billions of damage.....and above all it was really quick to do this glitch.....

    player.additem f 1000000000
    Wouldn't that just be easier than doing a silly glitch?

      consoles mate, we lack the dev console :P

    The second video quotes: "Bethesda has said they won't fix any bugs or glitches."

    Is this guy retarded or just horribly misinformed? As if Bethesda would just say: "heres the game, we aren't fixing it anymore, fuck off"

    How utterly pointless.

    I mightupload a video on an infinate arrow guide.

    It's easy, you just sit and wait next to a target someone else is shootig with arrows, then pick them up!!!!! It'll only take several hours to get enough arrows to actually do anything with. But toally worth it.

    But gold is pretty easy to come by as it is? from a single encounter last night I walked away with 1600gp, before even selling anything in my inventory...

    What I've been doing, which works well, is after i got the perk that allows you to sell anything to any merchant, just go to all of the word walls and keep killing the dragons! The dragon bones and dragon scales get a decent amount of money. It took me bout 30 minutes to get the 25,000 needed for the house in Solitude!

    Have they not heard of the Thieves Guild? I'm making a killing just stealing stuff and selling it off at the Ragged Flaggon under Riften. Only problem is finding someone with enough gold and willing to buy...

    I remember that GTA San Andreas used to have a stat for how many times you cheated.

    Then I found a way to make money.

    Buy a safe house near the horse race betting shop. Save game.
    Go to betting shop, place ALL of your money on the 12/1 Horse.
    A: If it loses, reload game.
    B: If it wins, go back to Safe house and Save Game.
    C: Rinse and Repeat.

    My money increased exponentially this way when I hit the casinos in Las Venturas and you could put your money on any single number for 36/1 odds and the table being a $1million max bet table :-), save point right out the front door.

    I wouldn't stop doing this until I had a $100 million dollars, then I would be loaded to the hilt and buy whatever the frick I wanted.
    Stats said - Times Cheated:0

    I guess it's not cheating, and for some it ruins your gameplay. But, damn, when you are generally being a bad ass in a game and you take whatever you want, when you want, then you will always go for the easy money because their is just some stuff you cannot steal. You could steal a car, but you pay a shitload of money to pimp it. Or clothes, or guns or ammo etc.

    lol its not cheating, its a single player game... people can play it how they want. If it was online, then it'd be a different story

    Never had a problem with cash myself, so I won't bother :)

    I have been using this exploit for a few days. It hasn't spoiled the game for me infact I used my book money to fund my wedding and first house!

    i don't know why this a cheat. there are zillions of books you can pick up and find and sell to people.

    hell bowls can be sold. Pick up ten thousand bowls and sell them for ten thousand gold.

    Look if you want to make easy money in this game and cant be bothered selling a book over and over again just join the dark brotherhood for every assassination you get at least 400 gold and you get lots of stuff like shrouded armour and the faithful shadowmere (horse) if you want to join the dark brotherhood just talk to the inn keeper in riverwood and get the quest when you have finished just wait for a letter from a courier and then you play the waiting game or i think i just slept at the riverwood inn not sure!

      Actually, after completing the quest, go sleep anywhere for 8+ hours.

    There is a faster and easier glitch out there for money. I clean out every shop keeper in less than 10 minutes. I only use it to buy houses and upgrade some of my weaker skill sets. I'll give you guys a hint: buy the Riften house and play with the mannequin. Aside from houses and skills, there's not really anything else worth buying.

    Ive found that if you enchant iron daggers with banish. If you you buy iron ingots from skyforge and the woman outside. and man inside the whiterun blacksmith. Buy up all the empty soul gems you can find. I like the whiterun court mage, the dawnstar court mage, enthir at the winterhold college (he also sells black soul gems for trapping human souls and daedra hearts). In your travels soul trap everything. Loot your enemies after for extra cash. Enchant as many iron daggers as you can with banish. Sell them for anywhere between 1k to 2.2k each depending on your speechcraft and the size of the soul gem charge. Repeat process, as soon as you start making money you can stop soul trapping and start buying the soul gems to save time. your enchanting and speechcraft and smithing all go up and you make money.

    I have discovered a glitch were you can duplicate daedric armor and sell it.
    In around 30 mins, you could have 10000 gold take or give a few hundred :)

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