Hideous Custom Red Dead Redemption Controllers Were The Reward For Doing Something Good

Hideous Custom Red Dead Redemption Controllers Were The Reward For Doing Something Good

For winning the Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition PSN event Rockstar Games held on November 18, Florida’s Alvin Ogando walked away with a pair of custom PlayStation 3 controllers that look like someone tossed them in a clothes dryer with a black Sharpie. Congratulations?

As the image indicates, these are a pair of custom hand painted Dualshock 3 controllers, which means that someone, somewhere, actually sat down and did this on purpose. When they were done they set each controller down, considered the end result, and possibly nodding approvingly and congratulating themselves on a job well done. I’d like to imagine an older family member patting them on the back and then walking away, rolling their eyes and sighing.

Thankfully the pair isn’t something Rockstar plans on selling; you can only win them through special, easily avoidable sweepstakes events. And if you do happen to wind up with a pair, friendly game store clerks are standing by to swap out your used controller with something less unattractive.

Recap & Screens from the Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition Official Social Club Multiplayer Event on PSN (November 18) [Rockstar Games]


  • More cynical, nasty and pissy ‘journalism’ from our friends at KotakuUS. At least they’re predictable. I don’t mind those controllers – they’re not THAT bad.

      • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one having an aneurysm trying to get through that sentence, lol.
        But otherwise, I certainly do agree that this article is nasty and completely unnecessary. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you, Mike! What kind of spoiled-turd-of-a-child like mentality compelled you to write such things?

        My sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to Rockstar and their community support people who continue to support and involve the fans in a game released well over a year ago! This is why we love you! 😀

  • I actually think they look great… Besides, they perfectly fit the theme of Red Dead. What else would they do for custom controllers?

    What was the point in writing such a nasty, unnecessary article?

  • I quite like the little revolver decal on near the menu button. Using the word ‘Hideous’ is a little…no, a lot exaggerated.

  • I think they look alright. I wouldn’t necessarily go out and buy one, but if I won one, I’d be happy! Would save me $100 for a new controller.

    More than anything, it’s pretty cool knowing you have something that’s pretty rare!

    Would be much worse if it had the game plastered all over them.

  • Sounds like someone sure had their daily glass of Haterade this morning.

    Its incredibly biased and needlessly nasty headlines like this that make me want to kidnap Kotaku AU, surgically remove it from Kotaku US and force it to change its name to something we can all be proud of.

  • Well what would you put on a pair of themed controllers. does it need an image of john and jack. does it need to yell out the game. to be honest no. its simple but says its red dead. Get fucked kotaku US. these do actually look good and if there were a pair for the xbox360 id happily try to win them

  • Wow. You are some kind of jerk. Anything I see on this site from here on, branded with your name, I will immediately disregard as probable pretentious trite.

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