How Much Better Does GTA V Look Compared To GTA IV?

How Much Better Does GTA V Look Compared To GTA IV?

When it comes to video games I’ve noticed a couple of things — we tend to overestimate how good the games we played in the past looked, and we underestimate the progress made by modern games. I remember being slightly underwhelmed by the visual upgrade shown in the recent Grand Theft Auto V trailer but this video, which cleverly remakes the GTA V trailer using footage of GTA IV, shows just how far the games has come.

And despite the fact this video is designed to show how far ahead GTA V is compared to its predecessor, I came away with another level of respect for the achievement of GTA IV. It’s crazy that the scope and scale of Liberty City is such that a video like this could even be made. The sheer variety and detail in that game was astounding for the time, and it still dazzles now.

The whole thing just provides a healthy amount of perspective.

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  • I honestly can’t believe how much better GTA V looks graphically compared to GTA IV !!!!

    I thought GTA IV looked pretty amazing, still does, but if the graphics in the GTA V trailer hold up throughout gameplay as well, we’re all in for something truly special.

    I wonder how many discs this will take up on 360.

      • With DX and normal textures you don’t need so much storage for graphics, the textures the game will use are allways the same repeated in many places multiple times, that is how things work. GTA4 used 15 gb disc , so this may use a full hd DVD 25gb, no more. that is one disc or 3 old common dvd. disc space and graphics have nothing to do with each other.

  • My sentiments echo everyone else above, but I’m consistently awestruck by the GTA IV mods and machinima I’ve seen. This is really impressive!

  • Wow. GTA IV still looks great but with GTA V it goes to show how a great art style and lighting engine can improve a game.

    Personally that has been one of the best innovations in the later years of this generation-great lighting.

  • I guess I’m the only one here who never really like GTA IV. It was a step down from VC and SA. If the trailer is anything to go by, GTA V looks like a huge improvement.

  • Great, I’ve just been playing through EFLC and thinking it’s been looking good. Thanks for the reminder that I still don’t actually have a decent current gaming comp :/

  • they most probably edited the trailer to look that way, it probably wont look as good as it does in the trailer unless its on PC probably. And i love grand theft auto more than the average gamer but what is with all this hype? the trailer wasn’t even that interesting, the only thing it has got going for it is that it proves GTA will be here soon.

  • Acctually I think that video was made without the best video settings for GTA IV. Mine looks a LOT better than that (especially with a few mods).

  • In my opinion, the graphics wasn’t the problem in which why GTA IV wasnt as fun as previous instalments.

    Its a mixture of physics engine, i mean the cars are absolutely horrible to drive, and having to keep on taking your mates out which becomes very tedious, i feel that this is an element that didnt need to be implemented and i hope to hell that they dont implement something similar in GTA V.

    I have had the debate on the physics numerous times and some people like the realistic physics but i absolutely hate it.

    • Never understood this obsession people have with the cars in GTA IV being ‘horrible to drive’. I think they were great fun to drive and that the physics suit the style of play and the environment you’re interacting in perfectly.

    • The car physics were great – had the weighty Driver feel to it, instead of the carboard box feel of the previous GTA games

  • Im gonna have a problem with V. when IV got released I got lost in the awe of such a greatly detailed city. it was such a jump in graphics and story compared to its past releases. V is looking more and more stunning and I will no doubt reach a wonderful view of the city and get lost once again as i stare into pixels. Rockstar you still are one of my most favorite companys.

  • Is that GTA IV on a console? I thought the PC version after it’s been modded to turn off all the weird filters and whatnot looked just about as good as the GTA V trailer… could be mistaken I suppose…

  • i know u can argue ‘its just a trailer they enhanced and polished’ but even GTA IV’s trailer didnt look THIS good! The details just in the clouds and pavement is amazing, thank god I have a PS3. About 3-4 disks on the Xbox 360/PC and 1 disk for the PS3. Cant wait for more info at gamescom & release!

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