How Much Better Does GTA V Look Compared To GTA IV?

When it comes to video games I’ve noticed a couple of things — we tend to overestimate how good the games we played in the past looked, and we underestimate the progress made by modern games. I remember being slightly underwhelmed by the visual upgrade shown in the recent Grand Theft Auto V trailer but this video, which cleverly remakes the GTA V trailer using footage of GTA IV, shows just how far the games has come.

And despite the fact this video is designed to show how far ahead GTA V is compared to its predecessor, I came away with another level of respect for the achievement of GTA IV. It’s crazy that the scope and scale of Liberty City is such that a video like this could even be made. The sheer variety and detail in that game was astounding for the time, and it still dazzles now.

The whole thing just provides a healthy amount of perspective.

Thanks DarkChild

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