"If Hollywood Won't Make A BioShock Movie..."

The BioShock movie isn't happening. Blame the special effects, blame the water, blame Hollywood. Whatever. It's Dead.

That doesn't mean there aren't bands of eager filmmakers roaming the internet, making fan films and trailers, like the one right up there. Because there are.

And what they lack in special effects and money, they make up in gumption.


    It's probably for the best. Bioshock has a phenomenal story and world and Hollywood would only screw that up.

    The ones under the first one have a lot to learn about why storyboards exist.

    Thank god.

    First one, very good as a teaser X3
    Second one I didn't like.
    3rd one I liked.
    4th one made me motion sick.
    5th one....It's terrible. There is footage of so many different movies and games. I recognised Cast Away immediately. And I also noticed footage from Bioshock 2. o_o I couldn't do any better myself but still, it's pretty mashed up.

      I disagree about the 5th one. Sure, it's disjointed and amateur in places but the idea, the footage shown if done with a bigger budget to make all the scenes gel would be awesome. They capture the chaotic essence of Rapture.

      Though of the lot, number 3 waws my favourite, works as a perfect teaser. But it's choice of song made me biased :P It's the same song that opens Shawshank. :P

    First one he catches on fire and laughs maniacally. Le wut.

    Yep, shock horror. It's definitely a good thing.

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