This Gorgeous Artwork Is All That Remains Of The BioShock Movie

Of all the video games fast tracked into some inevitably stunted Hollywood production, BioShock always seemed to be a decent fit. It's one of those few video games that I could honestly envisage being shoe-horned into a 90 minute, three act structure. So it was a real shame when the movie was canned. All we have left now is the artwork.

We have no way of knowing when this concept art was made, but ComicBookMovie has what seems like a fairly definitive look at the timeline of the movies production from $200m blockbuster to $80m side effort, to a completely canned project.

The art, as you'd expect, bears a lot of resemblance to the game it was based upon. Considering BioShock had such an incredible art direction, I'd be surprised if they didn't take advantage of the incredible work Ken Levine's team put into the creation of Rapture, surely one of the most striking and memorable settings for a video game ever invented.

It seems like Gore Verbinski ended up making the mediocre The Lone Ranger instead of BioShock, so maybe we dodged a bullet here. But Verbinski has made great flicks before. I really wanted to see this movie and I was sad when it got cancelled.

Gloomy Concept Art For Cancelled BIOSHOCK Movie [ComicBookMovie]


    Sort of glad this didn't end up happening. I don't have much faith in vidya game movies adaptations.

    A prequel comic/graphic novel could be interesting..

      I don't have much faith either, but I kind of feel like if they keep trying, eventually something will stick and Hollywood might learn how to approach video game movies.

        That Frank Sinatra song i playing in my head again...
        How does it go again?
        that's right;

        he's got high hopes,
        he's got high hopes
        He's got high apple pie,
        in the sky hopes


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        They just see $$, its almost like they watch the game trailer and make a movie. It sounded promising when they were pushing for a R+ rating, I imagined really disfigured splicers and eerie little sisters syringing ADAM/EVE (I forget) from corpses.

      There's a prequel novel, which is decent but rushes a bit toward the end.

        Oh really? Cool i'll have a look into it :)

    Something that could be great is shitcanned, yet there's another stinking Resident Evil movie coming out this year?

      My thoughts exactly. I think this would have been an amazing film to create. Shame really.


      Actually, the new live action movie isn't coming until next year - and it was heavily implied at the end of Resident Evil: Retribution (5th movie) that the 6th one will be the last.

      *goes back to watch Rango*

    A 90 minute film? That'd be pretty'd be better served as a 10 episode HBO TV show.

    I would have liked to have seen it made. In the right hands this thing would be epic. But i guess some things are better left untouched in their original form. Same thing happened with the Uncharted movie... still have no idea where that's at either.

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