The BioShock Live Action Movie That Isn't Dead In The Water (But Kinda Still Is)

The BioShock movie, which was set to be directed by Gore Verbinski, is all but dead in the water, but this fan made flick is alive and well. And it's actually extremely well made.

Some CGI sections are a bit rough around the edges, but on the whole it does a fantastic job of replicating the BioShock universe, and has some genuinely great moments. Kudos to Director Jared Potter and everyone involved in the production.

Now I sort of want the proper BioShock movie to be resuscitated...


    That was REALLY good, in fact given more of a budget and a decent props and visual FX team, I reckon I'd hire these guys to make the Bioshock film

    I was actually hoping that the movie would not see the light of day as it probably would have turned out to be utter shit like all the other games that got made into movies.

      oh come on, have some faith. the DOOM movie was quite good

    Holy crap. That six minutes was even better than anything in Bioshock 2. Absolutely adored that short movie. Full of aesthetically pleasing visuals, the lack of dialogue added to its depth and tragedy, the effects were superb for an independent fan film. Well done guys!!!

    they just don't make bioshock like they used to (gaming wise) it had horror, suspence, build up of action (never slow) Bioshock is for Australian Gamers by Australian Gaming Studios. Fuck Coloumbia in the sky i'd live in Rapture upstairs in the Fighting Macdougal's or live in Dr. Suchong's apartment or Dr. Tenonbaum's apartment in hepburn heights listning to Micheal Buble's "Beyond the Sea" watching the whales and squid fight each other while fighting off splicers with the Incerate! and Electro Bolt plasmids alongside a modified shotgun by day, Scavaging around for ammo in bodies, suitcases and everything that was killable by night.. The first Bioshock was the most beautiful horror/action/FPS/action/adventure game that i had ever seen. Best game in the world!

      I don't think they wanted to be restricted by genre like you seem want them to have been

    and the 1940's, 1950's, 1960's kept on repeating in Rapture

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