BioShock Infinite: The Movie Gives You All The Story Without The Gameplay

As a shooter, BioShock Infinite isn't that great. People came for the story and world, and that's what most people seem to have loved and have taken away from the experience.

Naturally, then, somebody went and made a video including only BioShock Infinite's "best" bits. Gameplay footage is kept to a bare minimum, mostly transitions and opening doors, with an emphasis here on presenting the game's story as cinematically as possible.

It takes 3.5 hours to get through, but for those who have finished it and want to re-live it without having to go searching through all those bins again, it's also perfect.

Bioshock Infinite - Special Movie Version [YouTube, via 4CR]

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    Please don't start linking opinion pieces as fact.

    As a shooter Bioshock isn't that great? Besides the fact of only having 2 weapons and running out of ammo the actual combat flows quite nicely I think. The hitboxes are good, kills are satisfying and the weapons sound and feel good to use. I think they pulled it off pretty well.


      Though I actually enjoyed the two-weapon situation and the need to switch out weapons when my ammo ran low. It felt authentic somehow.

      Both of those were to make you think tactically and conservatively. They've used low ammo supplies since SS2. If you play on normal you don't even have to worry about, just use your favourite two guns

        I think this was the intention, but my experience in 1999 mode was that the threat of running out of ammo didn't actually make things more strategic. It mostly just forced me to run around like a maniac looking for ammo or another gun. I suspect that for a lot of the fights, there's really only one viable strategy. I actually got sick of it about half way through and stopped playing, mostly because I was bored of using the same 'lay fire trap', crow enemies, shoot out of cover approach.

        I played on normal and a few times I was out of ammo for almost every gun whilst fighting handymen.

        I must just suck. I'll be way more careful on my 2nd playthrough.

    Just like Tomb Raider, Silent Hill, Resident Evil etc. I suppose there will eventually be a Bioshock movie. What can be cut from this 3 hours to make way for obligatory explosions, stunts etc. yet still leave a decent, comprehensible plot?

    Why would anyone want to watch this?

    Seriously, say what you like about the combat, it's a lot more fun to play the game than to just watch cutscenes stitched together.

      For you perhaps. But i sometimes like watching the cutscenes of games i have no intention of buying. I did it with the previous BioShocks too after i discovered that the story interested me, but not the game itself. Different strokes for different folks.

        Well said. I can't argue with that. For myself... it's just not interesting enough without the gameplay stitched around it. The story is cool but the cutscenes aren't anywhere near as good as watching a real movie.

          I wont lie, i often do it with games i love playing as well. Every couple of years i sit down and re watch every cutscene and codec call in MGS1-4. Whats even better is the woman in my life does the same thing! I struck gold i tells ya!

            Hahahaha. Nice! Hold onto that one!

            When I want to relive the magic I tend to reinstall the old games and play them through again. It's the completionist in me. Your method sounds way faster.

            When I finish games, often I'll youtube the opposite ending to see what I missed, if it's the kind of game I don't really want to play through again. Just did this yesterday with Far cry 3. Yikes what a crappy ending!

        Playing through the game gives a stronger emotional connection to the characters. This is one of the few games where the gameplay actually contributes to the story, in a more than superficial way.

    Playing the game on Easy at themo but I'm finding it too easy (my health never dip under 75%) but I did run out of that bloody ammo, even when I aim carefully... Lucky there's a plethora of salt around

      I played on normal up until the last "boss" fight before dealing to comstock. I played through that maybe 5-6 times before I had to drop the difficulty to easy to get past it. Other than that, I found normal pretty forgiving and usually just died from something stupid.

        wahhh dude, might wanna put that in a spoiler tag...

          What? All I mentioned was a boss fight I found hard... the only thing I can think of that you take umbrage to is 'dealing to comstock', which in itself doesn't reveal squat.

    Just watched the whole thing; doesn't feel necessary to buy it now xD

      You just duped yourself out of one of the best games of this generation.

        Yeah.. But I have a lot of stuff to do with my life. Games are kind of like my heroin.. Once I start something like that, there goes the next X days/weeks of my life lol.

          ashley and I disagree on a lot of things but this isn't one of those. Get the game, on normal/easy it will only take you a day or two of solid playing (like 6-8 hours tops) to finish it. Definitely worth it.

    I think the sniper rifle would have been more usefull if the enemy didn't see you first thing.

      I did get the feeling that they had super keen eyes, but then sometimes I could walk right up to a guard, stare it in the face with my gun out and then after 2 seconds it will start to attack me.

      Either way, awesome game!

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