It's Always Snowing In Skyrim

The delightful Zac Gorman shows us the contradiction inherent in playing Skyrim during a Northern Winter.

I say Northern because, you know, it's nearly Summer down here in Australia. Which makes playing Skyrim, with its snow and its snow and its blizzards on snowy mountains, even weirder.

Though not weird enough to wish for an Elder Scrolls game set in a flat, scrubby outback with flies everywhere and a wonky gold coin exchange rate. That'd suck.

November 15th, 2011 [Magical Game Time]


    Not an issue on this site, I would think. :)

    The water in Skyrim looks so beautifully cool... But a Troll snuck up on me and broke my daydream - sneaky bastards, nuthin freakier than turning around and seeing a wild troll yelling like a baboon in your face!

      Nothing freakier? How about a SpiBear rolling at you because something cast Frost Form on it whilst it was on a steep hill, stopping in front of you, getting up, and then yelling like a baboon in your face?

        I walked outside a building in the middle of a town and tried to quick travel...
        "you cannot quick travel while enemies are nearby."
        ...*looks around*...
        there are no enemies...
        ...*tries again*...
        still not working, wtf?...
        *looks around again*...
        *Dragon blasts me in the face as it flies by*

        TROLL!! In the dungeon!....I think I'm going to faint..

      When one sneaks up on you you'll know:)

    Hey guy, your girlfriend is a duck

    When I get out of work at 5 it's almost pitch black outside. It snowed here last week, but thankfully it hasn't stuck yet. Every morning I scrape a thick layer of frost off of my car. Being from Michigan I'm actually used to a lot worse by this time of year but thankfully it's holding off for a bit longer.

    All that being said? Creeping through a blizzard with my bow at the ready while I hunt the game of Skyrim is awesome and makes me dissappointed when there *isn't* a blizzard going on :-P

    Video games are weird like that.

    Look, i know you guys are having Skyrim joygasms right now... but this is just getting silly. Skyrim this, Skyrim that, oh look it snows in Skyrim!
    Must be a great commission you're making off these articles.

      I skyrim what you mean, though when I Skyrim, Ezio gets mad, so I Skyrim all over my TV every day, in spite:D

      It was the same with's called popular opinion lol

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