MLG National Championship Finals Underway Now

The final round of play in StarCraft and League of Legends Major League Gaming's National Championships in Providence should be underway any moment. You can see the championship's full bracket here, and catch all of the action through the MLG main site here.



    I have never ever watched anything like this before but that final was really friggin awesome. I don't even like Starcraft. What the hell.

    As amazing as Naniwa has been, holy damn Leenock, you're 16 and came out of Losers bracket?

    It was bad enough when you knocked Huk out of Code S but now he's simply a beast.

    My last 3 games of LoL I've had to quit because my kids won't give me 5 minutes (OK, 45 minutes) to myself!

      You mean 45 minutes when you aren't paired up with glue sniffers right? in which case it becomes anything from 20 minutes to a full hour.

    Love MLG. Best thing to happen to e-sports in years!

    Gogo Leenock! Yeah!

    Although I gotta wonder what was going through Naniwa's head doing forge fast expands every single game even after Leenock had found a way to beat them.

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