Watch Top MLG Pros Compete For $30,000 In Max Payne 3 Multiplayer

I'm a fan of pro gaming, and I really like what MLG has been doing over the past few years. I'm also pretty excited about the release of Max Payne 3 this week. Wait, there's a video where these two things are combined? Yes, I'll have that please.

I had mixed feeling about my time with Max Payne 3's multiplayer, but I'm hoping to be proved wrong when the game's released this Thursday. I hadn't thought about the competitive potential for the game, and had sort of assumed it wouldn't work competitively, but maybe I'm wrong!

I sort of hope I am!


    (Willy Wonka)
    You're a pro gamer?
    Tell me more about all the millions you've earned in your career.

    Still two and a half weeks away for the PC release :'-(

    But from what I have been seeing it is going to be worth every second of the extra wait :-D

    Im not AGAINST e-sports per se, I just dont think MLG is a worthy entity. As for Max Payne....meh........


    Crream? What a bad name. Does he know it's bad? Probably.

    why do alot of Pro gamers always have to be tools?

    so... Max Payne 3 comes out for consoles about 2 weeks before PC because I guess they are worried about "rampant piracy". MP3 is already out for consoles since about 2 days ago yet i'm sure if this game sucks PC will get the blame for bad sales.

    Never liked MLG, full of arrogant tools. I have fond memories of beating MLG tryhards in H3 and loved listening to them whinge.

    Such giant tools considering they don't even seem that good in their gameplay footage, one dude who is sniping clearly wasn't even aiming on the enemy.

    If this is what passes for "pro" on consoles then that is really sad.

    Yes, because "pro" gamers are more entitled to a videogame that they're most likely not even going to buy...

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