Now You Can Play Dead Rising 2 In Your Web Browser

Capcom has teamed up with those magical people at Gaikai to deliver a 30-minute timed demo of Dead Rising 2 that runs in your Java-enabled web browser. Ain't technology a thing?

Gaikai works by running the games you want to play on its own server, streaming the game via video to your browser, giving you control in the process. As we've seen previously with games like Dead Space 2, Bulletstorm, and The Witcher 2, gameplay is pretty much lag free, and you don't have to worry about downloading and installing anything.

Check out Dead Rising 2 and other fine Gaikai powered games by clicking on the text in this sentence secretly moonlighting as a link.

Announcing Dead Rising 2, Right in Your Browser [Capcom Unity]


    I love how there is absolutely zero coverage (From Gaikai) in Western Australia. I'm fully aware why that is the case but still...

      even if there is, you would need some seriously good internet connection to play it or else it rejects you.

        I work for an isp in subi. According to 2ms ping. 91.7mbps down, 83.17 upstream sync rate. It says that I do not have sufficient bandwidth to play this game.


    but have they fixed the loading screens?

    HOW DO I PLAY?!?! I really want to play this please tell me

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