Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single portion of a screenshot? I'm guessing yes, since you're all absolutely smashing my pitiful attempts to troll you. I'll give it another go today! If you guys are struggling I'll chuck up another pic later this afternoon.

Seems as though you guys need an update!


    it's not the dig, shut up

      Or is it?


        You're just trying to throw me off the scent, Bob.

        It's clearly The Dig.

          Dang it, why does Serrels keep posting The Dig for Remember This?
          He must really like that game.

    Commander Keen?

    Duke Nukem

    One of the old 2D versions

    I know I'm probably way off but could it be the original System Shock?

    Mark Serrels' Loom Simulation

    VGA error? check your display settings Mark honestly

      It's true, if you bump your graphics card the screen looks like this. Especially after a few joints.

        My grandma knitted a sweater that looked like just like this.

        True story.

          My knitter sweated a grandma just like it too!


    Update time?

    looks like klax, but I don't think it is

      oooh it IS klax! :D yay I got one!
      I was too used to the lynx version of the game.

        You could be right, knackers!

          yup, Bob is right. It is Klax.

          But your picture leaves me with the belief that I have no fricken idea what the game is about, or how you fricken play it

      so definitely klax, even though I've only played the black and white Gameboy version, you can tell it's klax :)

    Well done guys! Right down to the wire!

    [Because I was slack with the update!]

      * and, with that simple statement, Mark Serrels, editor extraordinary, finally figures out how to beat the Kotatku hive mind*

    Haha, recognised Klax straight away. Except I only just got here now, and only got it because of the update :P

    Infernal would've had it right off the bat.

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