Remember This? [Update]

Can you remember this game from one screenshot? You've been kicking the crap out of me recently, so I'm guessing the answer is yes. If you guys are struggling I'll post another part of the pic later this afternoon!

Alright, here's the second part!



    Jill of the Jungle?

    I was going to say Blackthorne on the SNES, but I can't find any walls in that colour grey.

      Dem Bee bombs!

    Joe and Mac or maybe rick dangerous?

      Yep, Rick Dangeroous looks pretty close. *fingers crossed*

        My thoughts exactly when I saw the pick, Rick Dangerous or Magic Pockets.
        Grats I think are in order.

      Gonna give you a preemptive gratz!, unless this exact pattern was used in another game i think you got it, Gratz!

        Haha, yeah. This'll be my first win after months and months of trying. The amount of work that hasn't been done, phone calls ignored and emails deleted because of this daily ritual is about to pay off...hopefully.

        Had the same sinking feeling the texture is probably used somewhere else though. :(

          Regardless of correctness big kudos as that is one standard looking wall and you picked it pretty darn quick.

    one of the Contra games?

    End-of-Episode story screen from Doom 2: Hell on Earth.

    Golden Axe for the Sega Mega Drive?

    the lost vikings

      Yeah that was my first thought too. Soooo I'll say Lost Vikings 2! :D

    Pathways into Darkness?

    Demon's Crest?

    Double Dragon? Either that or Golden Axe.

    Ghouls'n Ghosts or Boulder Dash

      Yeah, my first thought was Super Ghouls n Ghosts.

    The Ninja?

    Jill of the jungle

    Gravel: The Game

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