Remember This? [Update]

Can you remember this game from one single portion of a screenshot? I'm going to say that, today, I may have you beaten! If you guys can't get it from this screen, I'll chuck up a second part later in the afternoon!

Sorry I'm a bit late with this!



      I mean Harvest Moon.

      Donkey Kong Country?

    secret of mana

    Metal Gear 2: Snake's Revenge

      that was my first thought

    I've seen this screenshot multiple times before...

    ...Modern Warfare 3?

      Can't be, not enough grey..

    Jurassic Park on MegaDrive?

      This was my second thought.

    Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

      Was going to say that as well, so I'll say Turok 2

    Is that hills from altitude or foliage.

    Is it one of the Apache games?

    The first thing I thought was "Donkey Kong Country".

    Looks like the trees from the start of Metal Gear on the NES.

    Reminds me of Primal Rage for some reason


    Lode Runner: The Legend Returns?

    Has to be Snake Eater.

    Commando from the Commodore 64! ...?

      That was my other guess if it is trees we are looking at

    Jungle Strike

    Jungle Strike?

      Was just about to guess that ~LOL~

    boogerman; pick and flick adventure

    I'm going to say Total Annihilation as I have no idea but thats the first thing that popped into my mind

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