Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single portion of a screenshot? Come on — have a go!


    Ocarina of Time?


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        it's funny, I have never played OoT before, but that is exactly what I thought when I saw the pic lol

          I'm playing OoT right now and I thought it was Sega Rally!

      How I imagined Marks reaction:

    Ocarina Of time?

    Ocarina of Time -

    Even though I've been playing Ocarina of Time all weekend I did not recognise that!! Must be because the trees look better now. Yes, that's it. Not my piss-poor pattern matching skills..

    Seems ridiculous, but after months of playing I've nearly managed to it on 3DS. I got through the water temple just fine but was stuck trying to work out where to go after that!

    But now I've made some progress and am up to the spirit temple. Will hopefully finish just in time to replace it in the 3DS slot with Super Mario 3D Land.

      I should also point out that I have finished the game before. 3 times. So I really should not have been stuck at any point

      *hangs head in shame*

    majora's mask
    just being differant.

      I second this. Purely because OoT and MM used the same engine and I think Mark is being tricky.

    Bloody nintendo freaks...

    Nice one Mark, considering it is a special occasion today after all :D

    Ocarina of Time, those trees I'd recognize anywhere

    Damn...I was running with Daggerfall

    I am proud for noticing immediately.

      (Uh, that it was Ocarina of Time. Don't pull all-nighters, kids!)

    The Dig.

      How long till we get another dig one do you think?

        When you least expect it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but its time will come again.

        It'll happen the moment I stop guessing 'The Dig' :P

    I was going to say Gran Turismo 1, but yeah, it's OoT.

    Damn, first one I'm pretty sure on and I'm just a bit late. OoT was my guess too

    ARGH. Had the same thought and dismissed it. Then read the opening post and cursed myself for jumping in here a little late.

    Yep I was the same, never played it before but my first guess was OoT.

    haha i too thought ocarina of time. not sure why though, it was kinda a wild guess.
    i never know any of these screenshots, too young for most of them

    Final Fantasy 8?

    Kinda looks like the trees you would see in Operation Flashpoint :P

    Notice we actually never get any confirmation that the correct answer has been posted?

    is MS too depressed to even confirm the answer?

    Heh, though OoT the moment I saw it too.

    Should have used this:

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