Skyrim Being Sold In Select Stores Across Australia - Street Break Could Be Imminent [Update 2]

We've just gotten off the phone with a store clerk in South Yarra's Big W, Victoria, who has confirmed that they are now selling Skyrim for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Numerous other Targets are also reported to be selling copies of the game ahead of the official release date.

All other specialist retailers are currently standing strong with the Street Date, although there are numerous rumours from several different sources stating that EB plan to start selling at 3pm — presumably they're waiting for all stores to get stock before pulling the plug on the Street Date.

At the moment it definitely appears as though the game is being sold only in select stores across the country — not all Big W stores are selling, and it could be the case that those selling may stop once distributors get wind of the break.

However, we fully expect that all specialist retailers will follow suit at some point today. Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE: The South Yarra Big W is reportedly no longer selling Skyrim. However, there have been plenty of fresh reports of other mainstream retailers such as KMart selling.

UPDATE 2: Both GAME and EB are now selling across all stores.



    Rang EB in Firle SA. They're holding firm until tomorrow. So far.

    I just rang my EB, pretty much said if they keep selling it, EB probably will. He's got the stock already so I'm just gonna go there after work anyway and see if he sells me one.

    I know someone in Big W is going to get a beating for doing this...

    I remember when i scanned in a game pre-launch date and head office called the next day asking why.

    So its interesting to note Big W actually follow up on these...

    Did the rounds at my local mall while I was there, nothing on sale at the moment. (So I bought shirts instead, witnessed the customer in front of me get projectile vomited on by her daughter.)

    I would also like to bring everyone attention back to this comment y Tracy

    :) How is the clean up going Mark :P

    I won't sleep tonight.... I need this.

    I think I may pick this up. It looks like a great world to lose hours in, & I luv the setting. Tbh ive been really let down by alot of new releases of late (Uncharted 3, Arkham City)
    I crave an epic fantasy adventure. Heres hoping its on the shelves by knock off time!


    Last edited 18/06/15 12:44 pm

      You have no idea. The phone rings every five minutes and it doesn't stop all day.

    HN, 2*EB, JBHiFi and Target in Adelaide CBD all say tomorrow, however EB will realease it today if they get the all clear from HQ.

      Adelaide 'burbs will have it by the end of the day, I think. Plus it's extended trading hours. I see at least 5 hours of skyrim selling time today.

        I sincerely hope you're right, i'll head into my local EB/HN tonight after bubs is in bed, and I definitely feel a fever coming on at the moment.. *cough*cough*

          Yeah you dont look so good dude. I'd rest up.

    South Yarra, you've already done the damage, no point stopping now.

      Burning through the sky... yeah.
      200 degrees, that's why they call me mr faranhei-ight.
      I'm trav-lin at the speed of liiight.
      I wanna make a supersonic man out of you.

        Freddy, You look an awful lot like Smile Time Angel.
        Just sayin.

    ebgames usually puts friday releases on their shelves on thursday night. Not sure why, maybe because they need to have it ready for friday morning or something but they can't exactly say no to someone once it's on the shelf.

    I'm gonna ring up my local Big W now though and ask if they are selling it.

    What "reports" are these which stores?

    The real question is - Y NO MIDNIGHT LAUNCH?

    this is driving me INSANE!!! i can't wait any longer.... hmph

    Doesn't matter for PC gamers, we'll have to wait until steam unlocks it to play. Darn Steamworks.

      Being able to play for a few hours around midnight vs having to wait til tomorrow night...I'd rather grab it today and get a quick look when it unlocks

    Just rang my local EB here in Adelaide and they've heard nothing about a broken street date nor do they know of any plans by EB to start selling at 3 today.

    EB Games Armadale WA has closed its doors with a sign up saying "Closed due to computer crash"

      It's Armadale, the guinea pig must have fallen out of the wheel at the power plant again.

      LAWLS! And by 'computer crash', they probably mean everything was stolen :P (just a joke, don't get offended Armadale folks).

    Godammit JB, just sell it!

      How do you know when JB's selling it? Does it say on their site or something?

      First time I've preordered with them, usually I get a text from EB if something has broken street date.

    Christ, my hands are actually shaking at the thought of playing this game tonight.

    I'm excited but my hands are sweaty, I feel nauseous, the last time I felt like this I was about to get married.

    Unfortunately she managed to break the cellar lock and get away before the ceremony.

    Theres a crowd outside my local EB waiting for the break :D

    I called up EB Games Watergardens / Taylors Lakes in Melbourne - when I asked about the street date being broken he pretty much paused and said "...where'd you hear that from?" I explained and he told me there was nothing as of yet. Could happen.

      Im waiting on this store too

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