Skyrim Traversed In Under Nine Minutes

Who needs fast travel when you've got sprinting, speed shouts, and the miracle of digital video speed manipulation to take you across the province of Skyrim in speedy style? Watch my Dragonborn run a cross-country marathon in The Elder Scrolls V.

This video captures the entire trip from the extreme north-west to the south-eastern border of Skyrim, from the scattered islands to one mysteriously powerful gate. If you've note played the game yet and wish to avoid seeing too much, this video is the poster child for seeing too much. It is not your friend.

That having been said, who can guess how long the trip took without being artificially accelerated?

If you guessed roughly a half-hour, then you owe yourself a nice pat on whatever part you prefer. Taking into account getting stuck behind a mountain and fiddling about with my map, I'd say it was nearly spot-on 30 minutes. It's a bit disorienting, seeing what feels like a massive living and breathing continent traversed in such a short time. The sprinting and occasional super-speed shouts might have had something to do with it.

And yes, I had to stop and ask for directions.

Just for fun I've also included the video without music, filled with the hilarious patter of guinea pig footsteps and the high-pitched squeak of dragon-shout.


    "If you’ve note played the game yet".... just thought I'd point out the obvious there...

    ...but seriously, why was this done? Why didn't he just go ahead and artificially speed it up to 30 seconds so he could make people think they could cross the game in less than a minute? :-P

    This seems so entirely pointless to me.

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