The History Of Battlefield In 45 Minutes

Lest we forget, Battlefield 3 is the latest iteration of a more than decade-long stories series, a franchise that did much to change the way we played shooters. This excellent video from GamerSpawn takes us from that first Battlefield, Battlefield 1942, in 2002, to this month's release of Battlefield 3.

Sit back and enjoy this gaming history lesson.


    Enjoyed the video. Feels like a professional documentary for the most part, when it does sink into describing things in cliche gaming slang...


    I feel like someone should be at least a little outraged, so here goes:

    Firstly, it's LEST We Forget, you tool.

    And secondly that phrase has a lot of meaning for a lot of people and I think you cheapen it by using it to introduce this video.

    "Less We Forget" lol. "We will remember...Unless we forget."

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