This Skyrim Mod Is For The Arachnophobes In All Of Us

I'm not really that scared of spiders, not really. I don't love them or anything, but I can handle them -- especially within a game setting. Some folks, like my brother for example, won't even touch a game with Spiders in it. Well, that means no Skyrim, right? WRONG.

This new mod, as unearthed by VG247, actually takes all of the spiders in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and, in a strange move, replaces them with bears.

I have to say, in my humble opinion bears are way more terrifying than spiders. Spiders I can step on or spray with Mortein, but Bears? I can't outrun them, they can eat me, they're known to enjoy ripping us limb from limb. Why didn't the guy replace spiders with, I don't know, ponycorns or something? Jeez.

You can download the mod here.

Thanks VG247


    The most horrifying thing is it looks like pedobear!

      I half think that's the joke :S

        Thank you for pointing out the obvious to me pointing out the obvious, Im sorry my Mrs Lovejoy impression was wasted :(


    lol bears, I want a mod that allows Combat when on a horse. Why the hell am I completely defenseless on a Horse. What were you thinking Bethesda?

      well I think the lack of horse combat is made up for when you get off your horse and he sprints and takes down a pack of wolves by himself, moments like that always make me laugh

        My horse tanked a dragon! Then he died fighting spiders.

        Rest in peace, noble steed.

      If horses were meant for fighting, they would have armor too

        Perhaps Bethesda should release some DLC for Skyrim to fix it. They could call it Horse Armor.

          I'd pay 5, hell, 10 dollars for DLC that good.

    This is what I'm waiting for. Go modding community go!

    I can handle spiders, but I really don't like them, so something like this is somewhat appealing.

    I'm going to hold off getting Skyrim until a good number of mods have reached maturity though. I kept being told how much better Oblivion was with mods but could never bother going back to it (I very rarely go back to any game once I'm 'done' with it).

      I had the same problem with Oblivion. It just didn't have that motivation to return to it like Morrowind did.

    I can think of something worse - replace all the spiders with...



    *DUN-DUN-DUHHHHN!* they're always stealing my pic-a-nic baskets...

      "It's pronounced 'picnic', Yogi!"

        Looks like Yogi made a .... bobo...

        Man, that was un-bear-able.

          The Ranger is *really* not going to like this, Bryce.

    I don't like spiders, and after playing a couple of days of Skyrim, I actually had a nightmare that frostbite spiders were coming after me. Also, every time I see a huntsman spider now (yuck) I feel like it's about to turn towards me and spit venom. Ahh well, I still love Skyrim

    i want My Little Ponies modded in....

    I have honest to god no idea how someone thinks: "Hey, I think spider's are scary. Lets use BEARS instead!"

    They should replace the bear models but keep the spider animations.
    I'm sure lulz and/or nightmares will ensue.

    I honest to God have no intention of playing Skyrim.

      Fair enough mate.
      I however plan to have a blast with it when I pick it up :D

      On the other hand, will be buying my sister a copy, my brother a copy, my mum a copy, and I might get my dog a copy too!

    I'm arachnaphobic, but spiders in game generally don't effect me, that one Sega Shooter game where you where on Bug Island... Nothing but Spiders... Actually just walked away from it, and yes my Friends who knew are jerks.

    I don't want to kill Bears or Dragons dammit, they are my friends!

      I dont want to eat a Giants Toe - can you imagine having giants toe instead of roast beef on the table? Carving it up slice by slice...

    This is a cute mod and all, but if you're trying to make me trade in my xbox copy, you'll have to do better than that!

      Shut up. NO ONE cares what platform you bought it on, especially on a PC specific article.

        "Are you an Angry Boy - I feel like dancing, Dancing"

    DA:O had a similar mod, that replaced spiders dropping from the ceiling with bears dropping from the ceiling.

    It's infinitely less terrifying for arachnophobes, because the 'spider legs unfolding and dropping' animation doesn't occur and the bears just kinda fall out of the sky.

    I can see why it's being done here as well.

    Normally I don't have a problem with spiders in games (the kinrath in KOTOR are fine, for example) unless they drop out of the ceiling or suddenly jump into view. Even DAO/DA2 were hard to play because of this.

      DROPBEARS?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? If there is one thing worse than spiders it's fucking Dropbears.

        Have you even seen the drop bear....
        Right up until he mauls your face, it is the cutest thing you'll ever see...
        now I wear a mask ... *sadface*

        ohai ;3

        Seriously though, can't we just get some Vegemite and hit their weak point?

    Is there any chance this mod can be made for PS3? I don't know about mods or anything like that, but I'm absolutely terrified about advancing further into the game after seeing clips of these spiders, they're by far the creepiest things I've seen in any game and I have extreme arachnophobia.

    I wont return the game by any means incase there is a fix for it, but after searching for a few hours for a way to get rid of them without facing them, I doubt very much I'll be playing the game unless this mod can be somehow downloaded to a usb of sorts and put onto the PS3.

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