This Week In… Nintendo!

This Week In… Nintendo!

We’re at the tail end of this incredible Christmas season, and Nintendo — finally — are bringing out the big guns, with both Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D Land being released in the same week.

After Hours Athletes (PS3) What is it? Fitness game. Bleh. Should you care? Just get a gym membership, or go running!

Angry Birds Rio (PC) What is it? Bloody Angry Birds. Should you care? Who still doesn’t own this game? Seriously.

Batman: Arkham City (PC) What is it? Strong game of the year contender finally gets its PC release. Should you care? Oh god yes.

James Noir Hollywood Crimes (DS) What is it? I… don’t… know. A puzzle game I think! Should you care? Absolutely not.

Lord of the Rings: War in the North (360/PS3/PC) What is it? RPG based in the Lord of the Rings universe. But you probably could have guessed that. Should you care? Fans may be interested but, otherwise, it’s hard to recommend this over better games in the market.

Modern Warfare 3 (Wii) What is it? Wii version of the biggest selling game of the year/ Should you care? Don’t know why you would buy the Wii version of this to be honest.

Rayman Origins (360/PS3/PC) What is it? Rayman hits back with a proper non-rabbids title. Should you care? Nice platformer, with a dazzling art style. It’s very good.

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter (DS) What is it? I don’t know much about this, but it has animation by Mad House, one of the best anime studios in the world. Should you care? Fans of anime may want to check it out.

Sonic Generations (3DS) What is it? New Sonic game makes it to the 3DS a little late. Should you care? Buy Super Mario 3D Land first, then this.

Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) What is it? The game the 3DS has been waiting for. Should you care? If you have a 3DS, you need this game.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii) What is it? Yes. Yes. Yes. Should you care? I need this game in my life.

WWE 12 (360/PS3/PC) What is it? New reboot of the wrestling game. Should you care? Apparently it’s pretty decent.

WWE All Stars (3DS) What is it? 3DS version of the very awesome console wrestler. Should you care? Eh, get the console version. Should probably be pretty cheap now.

Zumba Fitness 2 What is it? Another fitness game. Bloody hell. Should you care? Absolutely not.


    • Do Gametraders price match because I am not paying 70 dollars for it (even though, by all accounts, it is probably the only game worth that). If they dont price match then there is no way I am getting it before Thursday, where its like 49 dollars at Target etc.

  • Woah woah woah.. WWE 12 is already out?

    Wasn’t that like only announced a few months ago???

    That cannot bode well…

    • Actually the WWE have been advertising this game for the past half year or so. . . plus I always assumed it was a well known fact that when the latest game is released they immediately go to work on the next years sequel. . .

  • Must have Skyward Sword… Must have Skyward… Sword Must have Skyward Sword… Must. Have. S-Sky….


    *Dies in anticipation.*

  • Oh god Super Mario, Arkham City and Skyward Sword. Which to choose, Skyward Sword I think, it’s been far too long since the Wii has had some play time.

  • I really should buy Skyward Sword, but considering I’ve spent the last 3-4 months trolling one of my friends telling him I’m going to buy every game this week except Skyward Sword. . . I have to keep my word.

    • To truly keep your word, you’re going to have to also buy After Hours Athletes, Modern Warfare 3 (Wii version), Zumba Fitness 2 and James Noir Hollywood Crimes, just for starters.

      Enjoy your week and your empty wallet. I’ll be playing Zelda!

      • Alright. . . every game that I don’t already know is going to suck. I’ve pre-ordered Sonic Generations and Cave Story for the 3DS that are being released this week, as well as WWE 12, I might buy Mario 3D Land if my wallet is still on speaking terms with me after those purchases plus the others I’ve made in the last 6 + Weeks.

    • You can win by buying it next week… You said you weren’t going to buy every game released this week… next week is a different week 🙂

    • Wii does have a version of ray man – I’m picking it up this week with skyward sword. Just on that.. I have Xbox, ps3 and wii and enjoy the wii version of cod mw3 best (not for graphics, but game play) and Nintendo have always been “about the game” … Peace 🙂

  • I sold my Wii two years ago and given how cheap they are now I’m going to buy another one for Skyward Sword and it’ll cost less than if I’d kept my old one (plus I get Mario Kart!)

    • I did this recently too, but I sold Mario Kart with the wheel and ended up with a brand new motion plus wii for $110.

  • Rayman has popped up from nowhere and certainly looks interesting.

    I haven’t played with my Wii for a hell of a long time and the new Zelda game won’t be enough to get me to start.

    Likely to pick up both of these down the track, but I believe I’ve finished my new release game purchasing for the remainder of the year.

    However, with EB kicking off their Christmas sales, I’m sure JB and GAME won’t be far behind and I know of a few games that I can easily pick up soon, so the spending is certainly not over yet.

    • Shit… just realised one more game that is coming out, and it’s this week also, but not on the list…

      Tekken Hybrid!

  • Copy of Skyward Sword shipped from the UK last Monday, can’t wait!

    Hope it arrives soon! *Shakes fist at Postal System*

    Want to get Mario 3D as well, but all my time will be taken by Zelda, i can predict that. So i can wait.

  • A mate is getting Skyward Sword for my b’day so I’m happy to wait.

    Rayman has been under my rader for a bit and the game shows a lot of promising new elements for a platformer.

  • I gave up on Nintendo after being disappointed by the Wii, so this week is nice and clear for me… I’ll finish off Saints Row 3 and then get cracking on Skyrim once my holidays start…

  • Any news about King of Fighters XIII and Tekken Hybrid? Supposedly they were scheduled to be released this Thursday too.

    Man, this will be an expensive week for sure.

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