Watch Skyrim's Masterful Movements In This New Video

The latest in Bethesda's making-of videos for Skyrim show off how the game's animation brings its various races and creatures to life. It's one thing to mo-cap humans but how does one imagine the movements of a giant dragon? Go to the latest Elder Scrolls blog post linked below and find out how the animation team approaches the action of this week's highly anticipated release.

A Big Mountain to Climb: Animating Skyrim [The Elder Scrolls]


    just as long as I cut heads off.

    the other thing is I wish in these games my enemies would be covered in the slashes that I've dealt.

      I'm pretty sure the upcoming indie title Overgrowth will have that, enemies will even bleed from their wounds...

    i wonder how the argonian, khajit and orcs sound with their dragon shouts/roars/whatevs.

    back in my uni days, i worked out the best refference for animating a giant dragon is through footage of an eagle. They actually behave much in the same way in terms of flight, landing, and takeoff.

    To answer your question. ¶:Þ

      You'll see what I mean

        "They actually behave much in the same way"

        How do you know what a dragon behaves like?

          hahaha lol, what i meant was, the 'dragonesque behaviour' and animation style we see in todays games and films, actually practically mimic that of an eagle lol...

          That, and I'm also breeding a pair in my dungeon downstairs in the suburbs :)

    Holy crap. That felt like a lot longer than 2 mins. There was a lot of stuff going on there. Just when I think I couldn't get any more excited for this game...

    Is the dragon shout he uses at 14 seconds "anus"?

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