Australians Can Download Their 3DS Ambassador Titles Tomorrow!

The Game Boy Advance titles for the the 3DS ambassador program has been announced and I was surprised at the quality of the games being offered for free. I was even more surprised, however, to find out that Australians are able to get hold of these games at the same time as the rest of the world. Tomorrow to be precise! Has the whole world gone topsy turvy?

Call me cynical, but I'm so used to having to wait longer than the rest of the world for this kind of stuff, particularly from Nintendo. But apparently from 1am on December 16 Australian 3DS ambassadors will have access to the following games for free:

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Mario Kart: Super Circuit Mario vs. Donkey Kong Metroid Fusion Wario Land 4 WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames

If you can't find something that excites you in that list, I don't know why you bothered buying a 3DS to begin with! Personally, I'm quite happy for the opportunity to play through Yoshi's Island again. I might even try and finish The Minish Cap, which I gave up on last time round for some reason.

However, I'm probably most excited for Metroid Fusion, which is one of my favourite handheld games ever.

I'm honestly thinking of staying up until 1am tonight to download some of these.

Thanks Vooks!


    That's a great list of games. Can't wait seeing as i have never played Minish Cap or Metroid fusion before.

      In the same boat.

      Have played some of minish cap before... but not far and I don't remember much about it. Most of the rest of those games i've never played before as I never owned a GBA so this is all fantastic news for me.

    I was really hoping for Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen (or a choice of one of them!) for my Fiance.

    Wow what a nice lineup. Thankyou Ninty!!!

    Wow, that list is awesome! I was actually thinking about this when I was stuck in traffic on my way to work this morning. I was thinking we wouldn't get them by the end of the year! Boss!

    Although being a US 3DS I will likely have to wait longer to download them. =(

    Well, I'm looking forward to playing Minish Cap (never actually played it, one of the only Zelda games I haven't) and Metroid Fusion. I've played and beaten Fusion multiple times in the past and never got bored of it, will be happy to give it another roll. . .

    yay :D cant wait :) Im soo glad i didnt miss out on the ambas program :)

    Any chance of these being available for purchase for non ambassadors?

      Give it some time for Nintendo to come up with some PR statement along the lines of "due to the unexpected support of the community and demand for these classic games, we've decided to release these games onto the market for purchase by non-ambassadors!"

    Shame I only got mine this week :S Nice list though!

    I'd love to download these but my 3DS was stolen from my house a few weeks ago along with a whole bunch of other stuff :(

      That seriously sucks. Please don't tell me they stole your shillelagh aswell.

    How does Yoshi's Island differ from the SNES version, some of the graphic effects couldn't get downgraded to the GBA right?

    Bring it on!

      It didn't have 'touch fuzzy, get dizzy'
      that's all i know

    Nice, that's a top list & I half expected it would arrive on Christmas day, but this is awesome!

    Although my least personal favourite of the series released internationally, Fire Emblem needs to be given a chance, excellent game.

      Surely Sacred Stones is better than Shadow Dragon? But yes, the two GBA ones are two of my favourite games ever.

    If you don't have access to the ambassador program can you buy these games from the Nintendo store?\

    okay guys, i'm an ambassador, but you know what sucks for all the non-ambassadors? YOU CAN'T BUY THE GBA GAMES IN THE SHOP! you will never be able to get them, unless you are an ambassador. nintendo has confirmed that. you will EVENTUALLY be able to buy the ten NES games, but never the GBA games.

      It's bullshit. As I stated above...

      Give it some time for Nintendo to come up with some PR statement along the lines of “due to the unexpected support of the community and demand for these classic games, we’ve decided to release these games onto the market for purchase by non-ambassadors!”

      Nintendo will not just decide to lock out 10 of their most popular GBA games from purchase from the eShop for ALL TIME. It's been surmised as such essentially every gaming site. Nintendo will release these when they decide they'd like some more money.

      There's no 'written promise' as to these games never being released for purchase. The Ambassador program as it is, is just an act of goodwill and it's up to Nintendo's discretion whether it'll remain exclusive or not.

    Fusion is the only game on that list I've played and I loved every second of it, anyone who loved Super Metroid will enjoy it. Nice to know I'll have a bunch more handheld games to play once I've finished working my way through Mario3d and Mario Kart 7.

    I'm actually rather thrilled that the second Fire Emblem GBA game is on there - I missed out on buying it years back and I'll finally get to play through it now. :)


    Even though I am an ambassador

    This is the kinda stuff that should be on the store they have such a great library yet the store is mostly crap in my opinion(or at least not worth the price they want for some of them.

    The entire nintendo GBA collection should be on there

    I’m an ambassador, however all these games I can play still on my GBA micro... would have preferred to save the money and buy the 3ds later

      Well here is a little tip for next time. When a product is new it costs lots. When it gets older it costs less. Sometimes when a product gets very old it costs lots again.
      Hope that helps.

    That's a huge 3DS image there Mark D:

      god bless you captain obvious!

      I suppose in a perfect world (since these are really just roms running on an emu) we could just enter any original GBA serial codes into the 3ds and have the games appear as already purchased.
      Its starting to seem like Nintendo is running a competition to see how many times they can resell the same game on any new platform.

        damn misaligned buttons, that was meant for the above post :(

    Amazing to see the Fusion love :) Metroid is probably hands down my favorite series of all time! Fusion was a great game and im still waiting to see if Nintendo will ever step up to the plate and continue from where Fusion left off..

    PS: Minish cap was good, but not overly great. Id rather get stuck into Fire Emblem, I didnt manage to snag the Sacred Stones on GBA..

    Pure joy on my face seeing fire emblem there. All that's missing is golden sun

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