Don’t Fall For The JB Hi-Fi $200 Voucher Facebook Hoax

It's the golden rule of the internet - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There's currently a JB Hi-Fi scam doing the rounds on Facebook promising a free $200 gift card to the first 25,000 attendants of a special JB Hi-Fi event. The only thing you're going to win by joining the event is compromised privacy and online security.

At the time of writing, more than 43,000 people have registered as attending the event, with over a million more "invited".

Gizmodo spoke to JB Hi-Fi CEO Terry Smart who told us that the company discovered the scam early Friday, and took immediate steps to dissuade people from taking part, posting messages on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as their home page:

“The 'Free JB Hi-Fi Gift Card' offer being shared on Facebook is a hoax. Please be aware of this scam, DO NOT 'like' or 'share' on Facebook or enter any personal details. For more information please visit”

If you take a laissez-faire attitude to your privacy and clicked on the event, you'll probably need to resecure your Facebook account, before the scammers can harvest too much information. Scamwatch has a couple of links on how to do that, as well as some good ideas to keep in mind the next time you think a major corporation is going to give you lots of stuff for nothing on social networks...

[Scamwatch] [Thanks Chris!]


    LMAO i knoe people that joined this and all becuase 1 of my cheap ass friends sent them invites LOL

    I joined it to see what it was and checking the groups facebook page revealed that this was a scam.

    lol the things some people fall for

    Yup, friend invited me and i told her she should probably not enter it but she already had ><

    I put something like this post on my wall, and one of my friends commented with "oh well, looks like I fell for it again..."

    You had me at free JB Hi-Fi $200 vouchers!! Winning on Facebook again!! I'm outta here!

    Later, dudes.

    yeah, knew it as soon as i saw it. Pity anybody that fell for it.

    If you check the web address on the facebook post its

      There's so many more, or there were this morning, I saw one that was To this day it befuddles me that people aren't aware that most big companies register in their own country

    I wonder what it's like inside the heads of the idiots that fall for these things.

      It's not the case here, but usually scams are aimed at people who really need the money. My mother is a pensioner and fell for a scam (Indians pretending to be the government). I warned her, but we did need the money so she eventually talked me around. They ended up with her whole pension and we had to ask for food vouchers from a Church because the Salvos wouldn't help us.
      Like I said they target people who really need the money.

    The golden rule of the internet? Try the golden rule of life.

    Eeex - Cellent!
    They fell for it. Now I'll be the only one at JB HIFI and I'll have ALL THE VOUCHERS!!! =D

    Sounds like Nick doesn't want anyone else entering the draw incase they win and he doesn't. Good ploy Nick, good ploy indeed.

    The internet has been around for a while now. If you fall for this kind of thing, you kind of have it coming.

      Not really. Sure you need to be careful, but the blame really needs to be on the scammer.

    I went on it to troll them but the event had wall post disabled.

    Basic mathematics, reading comprehension, and common sense would make one aware immediately. Unfortunately, a few people on my Facebook don't poccess these traits.

    Seriously, I looked at it for 3 seconds, and instantly knew it was rubbish. Not only the URL, but the math.

    Are people really this stupid?

    Even if people follow through with the scam and actually get scammed... all that happens is you get signed up to an expensive mobile text "service". You just sms stop to them and you are out of it.

    Not great, but still not really a big deal. I spent a good few hours reporting idiots who liked this as spam on my FB.

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