Get This Zelda Shirt While You Can

The King of Games, purveyor of fine Japanese T-shirts, is offering a limited edition Zelda tee. How limited? Like, a one-time-only-printing limited.

Pre-orders kicked off on December 24, and they will wrap up on February 20 for an early May 2012 delivery. The King of Games will print the shirt only once, meaning that once they are printed, they're done.

The shirts are priced at ¥5500 (US$70), and come in two colors: black and forest green.

If you've never ordered a KOG shirt before, know that they come in boxes that are printed at the same factory that used to print Famicom game boxes during the 1980s and 90s. The Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary shirt comes in a gold box. How fitting.

New Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Design [The King of Games]


    oh sweet Christ on a cross!!!!! I need this

    Saw page, was excited, saw "¥5500 (US$70)", *tableflip*

    Keen but not for $70

    Was going to get one! Then bang dream crushed only goes to XL why no fat kid love!

    Oh yes indeed!

    Green, small and just ordered.

    Had to get it, considering it's a one-time production run :)

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