Gird Your Wallets: Steam's Holiday Sale Has Begun, And It Is Ginormous

The annual holiday sale on the Steam store is officially underway. It is massive and… surprisingly involved. Just about every single publisher is offering reduced prices and a ton of bundle packs, as well as a bunch of "Pack Deals" that bundle together every game from each major publisher.

If that wasn't enough gaming for you, there's also a metagame going on — each day through January 1st, a set of six objectives will turn up on the Great Gift Pile page (as of now, I can't get that link to work, but it will probably start working soon). If you complete an objective, you get either a gift — a full game, a discount code, etc. — or a lump of coal. Coal can be amassed and traded in for gifts or saved as an entry in a game giveaway that'll happen on January 2nd.

So: A huge pile of games on sale, a huge pile of publisher bundles, and an objectve-based metagame to win more games and discounts. Valve sure does know how to ring in the holidays.

Steam Holiday Sale [Steam]


    Damnit! i try to get out, but they keep pulling me back in!

    Oh Jesus, No. Seriosuly, I'm at work, and my wallet is on the desk. I think it saw the Steam logo with the Santa hat because it just took off. I think it's half down the road. I swear I heard it sobbing as it did so. If anyone sees a lonely, forlorn looking wallet clutching my credit card protectively, can you let me know?

    Damn you, Steam sales!

    You know I can't resist those $2.50 deals! It's SUCH good value... I mean I spend more than that on coffee every day. Who CARES if I never end up playing them... it's a BARGAIN dammit! *cries*

    Aarrrggghhh!!! Do not have the money for another Steam sale! Must... protect..... credit card.......

    One thing you forgot to mention: The Grand Prize is EVERY FREAKING GAME ON STEAM!!!

      O.O No way...

      Can you imagine winning that? Your steam client would take a freakn day to load.

        Dont forget the price of storage now... WOuld cost a LOT just to install the whole thing

          imagine how many updates you'd need to load each day...

        If you knew what's best for you, you wouldn't buy another Steam game for AGES with all those Farm and Train simulators to play.

    i went on to steam website on my mobile because i am at work i heard this crying coming from my wallet followed by a snap

    obviously my visa couldn't take another steam sale

    remember guys... hold off on non-daily things until the end... whats 33% off today might be 75% off tomorrow... or the next day... etc

      It's called gambling :D

        not really... i just hate when people post "omg this price is crap" when its not in the daily deals or whinge when they buy something and a day later its further reduced...

        just trying to help the masses save more!

        It's not a gamble at all.
        Something that is 33% off today, will be 33% off each day, right up until the final day, UNLESS, it goes on super-sale for one of the days.
        It's most logical to leave purchases until the last day if it's not a daily super-sale, and not gambling anything.


    Followed by this


    Luckily I used Fortify Skyrim Addiction on my wallet, which increases my Steam Sale resistance by 60%.


    The great gift pile just gave me 25% off any Valve game just for signing into steam and checking today's objectives. I'm now almost certain that Gabe has completely lost the plot.

      That or he is a genius at legally robbing you blind

        I got 33% of any valve game =D and a copy of ArcaniA: Gothic 4 completely free for just checking my inventory.

    Please god no. Not yet! Nooot yyeeeeeeett!

    Some awesome games already in the daily deals

    aaaaaaaaaaargh still recovering from all the black friday sales

    NO, BAD STEAM.......BAD!! *rolls up magazine*. I am trying to avoid buying anything till i upgrade my PC, sales make that hard :(

    Also, it's great to see the amount of games Steam is giving away. For several days they have been giving away 100 games per day, and on January 2 they will give away 1 copy of every game + another 1,150 games. Damn Valve, you crazy.

    Awesome my prize is 50% off any Valve game, only thing is their all 50% at the moment anyway!?!?!

      when you go to buy a valve game thats already discounted, that 50% will then be applied to the discounted price so if a game was 50% off at 10 bucks, you'd get it for 2.50.

    I got a copy of Portal 2 on my alt account (bought it for $10 warlier this year). Valve can have my soul, first born babies, anything, i dont hink im getting out of this alive

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