John Carmack Helps Build A Rocket -- It Flies To 140,000 Feet

You may or may not know this, but John Carmack — one of the creators of Doom, Quake and now RAGE — is a pretty full-on rocket enthusiast and actually taught himself aerospace engineering. Now the company he founded himself, Armadillo Aerospace, has built a new reusable suborbital sounding rocket. And it bloody hit 140,000 feet above sea level!

Apparently there were a few dents upon landing, but nothing that can't be polished up for a second flight. Incredible stuff.

[Refrains from making joke about bugs in RAGE].

Thanks Ausgamers!


    "And it bloody hit 140,000 feet about sea level!"
    Has global worming finally hit and now the whole world is under 140,000 feet of water?!?!
    Come on guys just a simple read through would have picked that up. Being on the internet does not excuse poor grammar or sentence structure.
    a concerned grammar nazi.


      Global worming is actually when the whole world is under 140,00 ft of worms.

        Ah well spotted - pride comes before the fall it would seem!

    i can picture carmack at the pub "I make videogames....and im a rocket scientist, yes its true i am the greatest man alive."

    I really need to finish Masters of Doom. Started it and it was great but got side tracked by others ie. The Walking Dead.

      As much as a cliche as this may be: I couldn't put it down.

    Pity he didn't put as much effort into Rage.

    Next stop...Carmack rides the rocket past 100,000 feet and is officially an astronaut.

    thats nothing, Lord British would man his.

    Did the textures on the outside of the rocket pop in about half way up?

    I keed, I keed. Great to see plenty of private rocket/space development going on.

    Did an armadillo pilot the rocket? Is that his blood I can see trickle down the screen?

    Ouch, unfortunate that the parachute did not deploy as it should have. Looks as if it got tangled in the upper atmosphere.

    I'm surprised it didn't lag on take off and the parachute worked.

    All that video accomplished is making me feel sick.

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