Modern Warfare 3 On A Truly Enormous HD Screen

Cowboys Stadium is home to the world's second largest HD screen. Who wants to watch football on that when it screams video games? That's exactly what one lucky dude did with his three lucky friends.

This was the grand sweepstakes prize as part of a Modern Warfare 3 promotion. When completed in 2009, the screen was the world's largest, with over 1860.1m² of HD display.

Playing Modern Warfare 3 on it looks mental.

The above pic gives you a good idea what that was like — the short clip gives a better one.

For some reason after watching it, I have the urge to drink Mountain Dew. Not sure why.


    If only it was Battlefield 3.

      Battlefield 3 has no split screen co-op so it wouldn't have worked.

        What does a game mode have to do with it?

    Putting a hideous game on a giant screen, Geez mw3 looks bad enough at 100"

    While the screen size is amazing, it's the same scale as the distance I'm sitting away from my 30" screen (which is probably higher res).

    With a screen that size, surely 4 pc's could be rigged to play bf3.....

    would be so much better than a ps3 running mw3. May be impossible, but i can dream...

    Sstill great though, if only for the novelty.

    That's too bad. Modern Warfare 2: Modern Warfare 3 Expansion blows.

    Worst. DLC. Ever.

    remember how MW3 doubled BF3 sales? and remember how BF3 is now dead? lol i remember

    best of luck dreaming of private matches.

      im sure that with a comment like that, you are a believer, you watch my little pony and you are also probably like 12, sales dont justify the quality of a product, vista sold more copies overall than windows 7, that doesnt mean that its good its a piece of sht compared to windows 7. about battlefield 3 being dead? well seeing how all of my friends bought mw3, sold it on the same week and are still playing battlefield 3 in my clan since the first day well that makes your comment kinda wrong, cya ^^.

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