New Skyrim Mod Helps You Lead An Army Of Children

Have you ever had a hypothetical argument with someone over who could beat up the most children at once?

Well, Robbazdid, and he decided to see how many children it would take to kill the monsters of Skyrim. Surprisingly it doesn't take many.


    Aha I have to admit I'm surprised that Bethesda allows children to die in Skyrim, they wouldn't let me do kill them when I wanted to murder that city of children in Fallout 3

    This is a mod Tod Howard said in an interview that he had no interest in allowing players to kill children in Skyrim.

    The best part about this WHOLE video is the commentary...I was laughing my ass off.

    "Their mother won't be happy about this... everyone can't become Vikings I guess"

    hahaha, I love this guy.

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