Skyrim 1.3 Patch For PC Is Available, Fixes Stuff

The latest patch for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is available now on Steam, and will be available for consoles as soon as it makes it through Sony and Microsoft's approval process. On the agenda — making things run more smoothly and allowing you to put books on your bookshelves!

According to the Bethblog the list of improvements are as follows...

Update 1.3 Notes (all platforms unless specified) - General stability improvements - Optimize performance for Core 2 Duo CPUs (PC) - Fixed Radiant Story incorrectly filling certain roles - Fixed magic resistances not calculating properly - Fixed issue with placing books on bookshelves inside player purchased homes - Fixed dragon animation issues with saving and loading - Fixed Y-look input to scale correctly with framerate

Funnily enough our designer Ben was bitching about the 'not being able to place books on bookshelves' thing the other day there. So there you have it Ben — the Feng Shui of your quaint villa in Whiterun can return to normality.

Skyrim Update 1.3 now on Steam [Bethesda blog]


    Hell yes. Given that I take just about every book I can find, it'll be nice to have them out on display instead of in the bottomless chest that has a 5 second delay on moving items.

      I think they may be more so addressing the issue where you can use the Oghma Infinium INFINITLY!

    They still haven't fixed the arrow I took to the knee :(

      Or the one u took in the rear;)

      I heard they were fixing that, but then they took an arrow in the knee

    There's something I enjoy about patches. They're like miniature Christmases for your video games.

      In the case of Bethesda's patches, they're like that Christmas when you wanted Power Rangers but your parents got you Thomas the Tank Engine; endlessly disappointing and things always end up breaking.

        I'd be stoked to get Thomas The Tank Engine for Christmas.

      It would appear patch 1.2 was a lump of coal ;)

        Worse, it was clothes.

    I look forward to the patch to fix this patch ; )

    errr...have always been able to put books on bookshelves

    I wonder if they fixed the weapon racks. Can't display my fancy looking ebony blade =/

    Sounds like they won't have fixed my broken backwards flying dragons.

      I'm wanting to get home and try that now.

      I went on a skyrim hiatus after 1.2 because of the immersion breaking backwards dragons. Mabey thye just watched a spinning box with a man jumping over crates backwards for too long...

    I can confirm that the bookshelves are still broken after this patch. Was looking forward to some nicely filled bookshelves D:

      what system specs are you running? I've not seen any of the problems reported so far. How is your bookshelf broken?

        If they're anything like my problems, you can't see any books on the shelf. Also, on one shelf, I tried to put more than 18 books on the shelf, got denied, and now I can't activate the shelf :(

          Yeah its exactly like that, there's books on their that I cant view, nor can I open up the bookshelf.

          @ erraticfocus: All the high end shiz i7 2600k, 16g ram, xfire 5850.

            Dude, your running an i7 2600k, with 16gb of RAM, and you have a 5850???? change that out to something a bit more serious....

            On the topic of bookshelves mine have been fine the whole time, never had a problem there, so yeah, patch notes dont mean much to me.

            A fix for having that damn dog push me into corners and getting stuck there would be nice, or maybe for the one where i use the smelter, and somehow end up stuck in the floor with my cursor locked on the horizon till i load my game back from a previous one.

            But hey, i complain, but the game is one of the greatest games i have played, plus, the bugs are funny....

    The Y input fix is great, it was the source of jittery frame rates when your FPS exceeds 60 FPS with Vsync on. I checked this morning, yep smooth as butter! :)


    took an arrow to the knee but i at

    Any word on if they are going to fix the really bad keyboard/mouse support? It's kind of getting rather annoying to have the wrong keyboard prompts shown, and trying to select conversation items works only 50% of the time and trying to select Misc in shops ends up closing the dialogue 90% of the time. I absolutely love Skyrim, until I have to actually socialise.

      yeah, consolitis really starts to show when you start using the horrible UI :(

        Yeah the press 'E' to take when I've changed it to space is getting a little old, as is listening to the same dialogue 5 times when trying to click the item below it.;

    Anybody else having problems with the selected item in menus moving away from teh main item thats larger?

    I didnt have this until the first patch, now the menu location gets out of sync with teh selected item, looks like im on weapons, but im on apparel etc. This happens with chat too now. gotta look twice before i do anything now.... :(

    I must be one of the fortunate I ones that has absolutely no issues! There is a god!

      I am shocked as well because I'm usually the poor sod trawling forums and faqs trying to sort out every damn issue. This one has gone off without a hitch!

    Since the patch I haven't played more than 5 minutes without an error-less crash to desktop. Funny how there can be such a wide range of responses from different systems.

    "Fixed Y-look input to scale correctly with framerate"

    Yay.. it sounds like such a petty thing but you really notice it when you're trying to immerse yourself in this world.

    I'm only 8 hours into the game so far though.. but been having a much more enjoyable experience than with Oblivion.. just wish I had more time to play it.

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