The PS Vita's Interface Is Simple, Elegant

One of the things that is impressing me most about the PS Vita isn't just the hardware. It's the software that powers the machine. It's just as beautiful as the OLED screen on which it's displayed.

The PS Vita went on sale this past weekend in Japan. Check out Kotaku's coverage.


    Hmm. Not sure about the overall look, as in the jiggly button design for each app, but the functionality seems really nice and intuitive. The XMB was great for the time, but this seems much more suited to the touch screen controls. It wouldn't be as good if you tried to scroll through and select something with the buttons, but then again, why would you do that? The peel off thing to close tabs is better than any other single design element I've seen on other portable devices. I'll be opening up lots of apps just so I can peel them off again. Overall, I think I likey.

    It might be intuitive, but it is so UGLY.

    One of the ugliest interfaces I've ever seen.
    There is no way that it was designed by the same person who made the ps3 xmb. If they wanted to change it they could've at least let the same designer make the new one!. this is even worse the wii ui.

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