Video: Spectacular Battlefield 3 Jet Takedown

Technically speaking this isn't a kill made with a jet. But it is made by a gamer who was recently in a jet. Ahh loop zooking!

That's right: jumping out of a jet in mid-dogfight, twisting in the air to shoot the aggressor plane down with a anti-aircraft weapon and then returning to the plane as pilot. Next up, foregoing weapons for karate kicks!

[Thanks Duy D]


    Wasn't an anti aircraft weapon, it was the standard RPG

      Which CLEARLY makes it cooler!

      I just wish the music was actually part of the game!

    Jets on ps3 dont handle that way =[

    I hate FPS games, but even I can appreciate that mastery.

    but look at all the failed attempts... this was staged.

      Did you even watch the video you posted? That was a compilation of his attempts in game. Didn't say anywhere that it was him and a friend, that's all his attempts whilst playing the game

    the thing that sets Battlefield apart is that it is just so realistic.......

      I reckon you should try to do that in a jet in MW3! Oh wait............

    I was waiting for the day someone would do something like this in BF3. I'm still in awe of the time someone else did this:

    Holy shit.

    Hands down, the best BF3 kill recorded so far!

    If only BF3 had the kill cam from MW. Pulling off a move like that is made all the sweeter if watched by the guy you just did it to

    ha, pretty good!
    For some reason i couldn't stop looking at his legs kicking around.

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