Attractive Young Men Smiling At The PS Vita

In case you were still on the fence about purchasing the new PlayStation Vita next month, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has released some photographs demonstrating how hip, happy and attractive you will be when you own one.

Look at these fine young fellows, enjoying on-the-go gaming wherever they please, with nary a care in the world. Or maybe they just really enjoy black plastic. Who am I to try and comprehend what's going on behind those striking smiles? I am but an old blading man attempting to get as much video-gaming in before I die, at least until next month. Then I will transform into cafe guy, or footie guy, or leaning blonde boy.

We all will. Even you, ladies. The era of attractive boys smiling at Sony products is upon us!


    LOL the camera doesn't lie! see how it also makes all of your clothes brand new!

    Awwww no pictures of them licking it?

    This is why i never buy ANY Sony console. Very very lame

    They have proven that power doesn't mean much in gaming. Where is the love?

      Because they try to market it?
      seriously is that your reason?

      You make your console-buying decisions based on marketing photos instead of games?

      I don't know whether to laugh or to point and laugh.

        Ok, calm down people, I don't make my decisions on marketing (well i would like to think i don't) . Simply pointing out that this marketing is lame. Do "good looking" guys make you want to play games? Or even own a Vita?

        It points out one of the many reasons i dislike Sony, Creative fail

          You pretty much just suggested you did make your decisions on Sony products via this lame marketing.

          Change of heart?

            I'm just pointing out that the lameness of Sony spreads through its whole company

    They all look like they're struggling to work out how to turn it on.

    Except for the 4th pic... he's turning it on in a different way. posey.

    All they need to do is have Kevin Butler do some ads about it, and it'll sell.

    That said, in the interests of fairness, was there ever an analysis of the 3DS promo shots?


    I'll take my Delta Goodrem DSi over this any day. She's so purdy.

      Ima let you finsh, but Beyonce had one of the greatest DS ads of all time.

    Hurray! Attractive young men!

    Although some of the pictures look a bit cut off :/

    Oh my.... YES oh yessss. Son'y finaly left the gaming market and is creating hot sexy guys for us, oh the joys.

    But in all seriousness, I'm actually keen and eager to play my Vita upon its release so I can be a sexy boy, there isn't enough sexy boys in this world, yeah...

    Anyway. Mike Fahey's done it again! I was reading this article and I spontaneously bust out into laughter, immediately wondering why since the last time I had done so was the last time your posted an article, I darted my eyes to the top to see your name sitting mischievously.

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